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At the German President's School Newspaper Contest for 2005:
And the winner is: "Five to Eight"
The Henkel Special Prize for clear branding in school newspapers went to the St. Pius Gymnasium in Coesfeld in North Rhine-Westphalia

A very professional style, an unusual product, and an outstandly creative selection of photos were the winning features in the nationwide German President's School Newspaper Contest for 2005. In this year's national finale, the two editors-in-chief, Katja Kraft and Jens Draser-Schieb, and their editorial team of "Five to Eight" (original German name: "fünf vor Acht") prevailed over 171 school newspapers from various types of schools from all sixteen German states, winning the Henkel Special Prize for clear branding. The three-part prize will be presented to the winning team today, Thursday, June 9, 2005, in Berlin. Henkel sponsors this competition as part of its Henkel Smile Program by awarding the "Special Prize for the school newspaper which best conveys an unmistakable brand." Henkel Smile is an umbrella for all activities with which Henkel demonstrates its commitment to society that goes beyond its own business interests.
Berlin - The German President's School Newspaper Contest seeks above all innovation, creativity and quality, the very attributes that are valued so highly by Henkel. If you want to master the skill of communication, it pays to start early. Inspired by this motto, several thousand young people work on school newspapers in Germany, making up editorial teams, selling advertising space, and giving their creativity full rein in the application of their design ideas. Most of their customers are their fellow students, and they are the ones who decide whether the quality they want is offered by the product school newspaper. The parallel to Henkel is that every day, by buying branded consumer products, millions of people cast their vote for Henkel's innovation, creativity and quality.

"The staff of ‘Five to Eight,' which evidently does very professional work, collected its winning scoress in the criteria overall impression, title, masthead design, and informational value," said Michael Rolf Fischer, head of Corporate Citizenship/Henkel Smile at Henkel KGaA in his speech in Berlin, "and the jury even gave them an extra point for outstanding creativity in their photographic work."

What is "Five to Eight"?
The initiators of the school newspaper at the St. Pius Gymnasium in Coesfeld named their publication "Five to Eight" in reference to the time school begins each day. For a school newspaper, they publish a very sophisticated product with an unusual format. St. Pius Gymnasium is a state-approved, private Catholic school for boys and girls under the sponsorship of the Diocese of Münster. The school was named for Pope Pius X. There are currently 47 teachers and seven student teachers and approximately 700 students.

What does the Henkel special prize consist of?
The special prize sponsored by Henkel is awarded once a year. It consists of a cash prize of 1,500 euros, an honorary award, and an invitation for six students in the winning editorial team to attend a two-day workshop at Corporate Communications at Henkel in Düsseldorf.

At the first German President's School Newspaper Contest in 2004, the Henkel Special Prize was awarded to the "Bickeburger" school newspaper at the Bickebergschule in Villingen in the Black Forest.