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College education- worry-free but fast

Knowledge and education are the most important resources for ensuring Germany's economic future. The Dr. Jost Henkel Foundation offers scholarships in fields of study that are important in promoting our future social and economic development.
The proposal is an attractive one. After all, studying without financial worries means not having to find a part-time job. Considering the conditions, the price is not high: completing one's studies quickly and getting good grades. In line with this principle, for decades now, the Dr. Jost Henkel Foundation has been sponsoring gifted students who have trouble financing their education. The Foundation is currently helping 25 students and young professionals.

While talent and need used to be the only determinants, the Foundation now focuses on specific factors. Rolf Schlue, head of the Dr. Jost Henkel Foundation: "We primarily award scholarships in line with demand. This means that we concentrate on individuals and fields of study we believe will be able to make valuable contributions in the future." As examples, Schlue mentions post-doctoral and MBA degrees.

Each scholarship recipient is individually evaluated, advised and counseled. The close association with Henkel KGaA makes it possible to arrange interesting internships and to oversee theses and dissertations. Recipients from other countries can study in Germany, and German recipients can study abroad.

The Foundation Board is made up of university teachers, Henkel managers, and representatives of Company bodies.

The Foundation was established in 1958 by Dr. Jost Henkel, a grandson of Company founder Fritz Henkel, to benefit disadvantaged and gifted children. The Foundation was the basis of the Henkel tradition of providing educational and training opportunities to disadvantaged children and young people.