03/04/2005, Düsseldorf


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DORUS Adhesives and systems for perfect production processes

More than ever the competitiveness of the furniture producers and their suppliers depends on the use of most modern production processes. Nevertheless the central objects are not only the adhesives. With best possible coordinated products, processes and services it is possible to achieve higher quality, productivity and economic efficiency. The way how to put this into practice will be shown by DORUS, the woodworking group of Henkel on the occasion of the LIGNA HANNOVER 2005. At their fair presentation the woodworking group of Henkel specialized in wood and furniture adhesives puts their efficiency as system provider in the focus of interest.
Bopfingen - Manufacturers who want to optimize their production processes will find at the booth of Henkel in Hall 19 a programme offer that is especially tailored to complex customer demands and that also represents the latest state of the technology art. Long since the company has developed from an adhesive producer into a seller of complete solutions who presses ahead with the optimization of adhesive processes in production. Around the actual adhesive the portfolio comprises individual consultations and trainings at the customer's site, services in one's own technology center, equipments as for example measuring instruments as well as cleaner and other additional products. Customers of Henkel participate in the resources of an international group and a technological as well as practical competence that is based on decades of experience in all branches of the furniture industry. Innovative
application technologies are developed in close cooperation with leading producers of machines and application systems.

Higher productivity and less waste with the DORUS 3D-systems

An important application field where DORUS proves its system competence, is the coating of wooden material used for the production of kitchen fronts and doors. During this challenging process it is especially important to keep the sealing temperature at the edge. With a customized service package consisting of adhesive selection, technical equipment and process advice, DORUS provides their customers with the conditions for highest quality, productivity and safety in production. Concerning the 2-C-adhesives a cross-linker can be variably added according to the application demands and thus the heat resistance is adjusted individually - the DORUS 2-C-PLUS-system. A self-contained application system with integrated membrane pump provides for a fast and unproblematic application of one-component adhesives which allows the loss-free and quantity optimised feeding with adhesive directly from the original package - the DORUS 1-C-PLUS-system. With the DORUS 3-D-profiler DORUS provides a wireless system for the process observation. This system allows to control the actual temperature progress while the foil is pressed. This way, especially when the foils are to be changed, a constant production quality at optimal adhesive consumption is guaranteed.

Maximum of benefit by modern Hotmelt Systems

A further focal point of the system offered by DORUS are the hotmelts based on EVA, PO and PUR. Regarding edgebanding and profile wrapping the new EVA hotmelts guarantee less cleaning and visible quality improvement due to the clean, non-stringing bonding and optimal wetting. Likewise the new reactive PUR hotmelts allow the same high quality and also a significant increase in productivity. With Purmelt Granules every newcomer can test the PUR technology without having to invest at the very beginning. This way Henkel offers an innovative and for the customer profitable solution of problems for all needs.

2nd - 6th May 2005
Hall 19, Booth 21