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Henkel and Cognis mourn tsunami victims
Minutes of silence at all European sites

Henkel and Cognis will be honoring the memory of the tsunami victims in South East Asia with a three-minute silence. At all European sites, life will "stand still" for three minutes, starting at 12 noon on Wednesday, in remembrance of the more than 150,000 people who died in this natural disaster.
Düsseldorf - As a gesture of solidarity, all Henkel and Cognis employees will stop work for a three-minute silence at noon on January 5 to mourn the tsunami victims in South East Asia. All flags will carry mourning crepe. The companies are thus participating in the European Union's solidarity initiative.

Henkel KGaA had already donated 1 millions euros directly after the tusnami waves hit South East Asia. This relief aid took the form of 500,000 euros in cash and a further 500,000 euros in donations in kind.

"Henkel wishes to provide rapid and unbureaucratic help at the local level to the people affected by this terrible disaster," said Knut Weinke, Executive Vice President, Human Resourves, at Henkel KGaA. The respective country managers of the Henkel Group will decide which local projects should be selected for targeted support.