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Henkel and Schwarzkopf sponsor "Henri Matisse - Figure Colour Space" exhibition
The life-affirming art of Henri Matisse

Making people's lives easier, better and more beautiful is not only Henkel's vision. Light-hearted and zestful art is also mirrored in the works of the artist Henri Matisse. Henkel and the Schwarzkopf brand are the main sponsors of the 2005 Matisse exhibition.
Düsseldorf - Works of the French painter Henri Matisse will be shown at the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen from October 29, 2005, until February 19, 2006. Henkel and the Schwarzkopf brand are presenting the exhibition, subtitled "Henri Matisse - Figure Colour Space" as its main sponsors.

Works from all phases of the painter's career will be on view at the Kunstsammlung. Included will be some of his early paintings, creations from his Fauvist period, and intimate creations from the so-called Nice period. His works are light-hearted and zestful. And it is this very art that perfectly mirrors Henkel's vision of making people's lives easier, better, and more beautiful. Throughout his career, one of Matisse's key subjects has been the female figure. Artistically fashioned beauty is another concept shared by Matisse and Schwarzkopf.

The main focus of the exhibition at the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen is on Matisse's paintings. But ensembles of his bronze sculptures and his delicate drawings will also be included. The selection of works encompasses a total of approximately 100 paintings and 80 drawings.