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Henkel at the World Handball Championship

Düsseldorf/Tunis - The Henkel Group will be present at the 19th World Handball Championship in Tunisia, which starts on Sunday, January 23, 2005. As 20 countries battle to become the world champion, the Henkel brand will be prominently on display. The slogans "Henkel - A Brand like a Friend" and "Quality from Henkel" will be on view on and around the court at every game.
For the first time, the officials refereeing each game will also have the corporate slogan "Henkel - A Brand like a Friend" emblazoned on the back of their jerseys. In addition, the Algerian team's jerseys will bear the logo of the Henkel detergent brand ISIS.

"We will reach more than 80 million households in important markets through the Handball World Championship, while simultaneously associating ourselves with a sport that has an emotionally positive impact," says Ernst Primosch, Vice President Corporate Communications, explaining Henkel's involvement. More than 25 TV stations will broadcast the games from the five match venues in Tunisia.

Handball has gained in popularity again in Germany since its Olympic team did so well in Athens in 2004. Even though Germany has not won the Handball World Championship since 1978, this year's games can be viewed as a dress rehearsal for the 2007 World Championship, which will be held in Germany.