09/16/2005, Düsseldorf


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Henkel Chairman Prof. Ulrich Lehner:
"A million euros for children's projects all over the world"

Part of the Henkel Smile Program for 2005: A million euros for employees' children's projects / 245 projects in 70 countries / Help for more than 38,000 children since 2001 / Goal: Making the lives of children all over the world easier, better, and more beautiful.

To mark World Children's Day, as established by the United Nations, on September 20, 2005, Henkel will again provide a million euros for 2005 for its employees' and pensioners' children's projects, as it has in the past five years. As part of the Henkel Smile Program 2005, this sum will help support 245 children's projects (2004: 188) in 70 countries (2004: 64) which Henkel employees and pensioners assist as volunteers.
For World Children's Day on September 20, 2005, Prof. Ulrich Lehner, Chairman of the Management Board of Henkel KGaA, again has a special announcement to make: "By providing a million euros again in 2005, we want to make a contribution toward making life a little better for children all over the world. Our vision and our slogan `A Brand like a Friend´ are given a deeper meaning by the children's projects."

Every year, the Company asks its active and no longer active employees around the world who do volunteer work for the benefit of society to submit applications for children's projects. An interdisciplinary project jury composed of international Henkel employees, works council members, and a representative of the Henkel pensioners examines the applications which have been submitted and decides on the amount of support which can be granted for each project out of the overall budget of one million euros.

Now: Children's projects in 70 countries
Of the present 245 children's projects (2004: 188), 46 were implemented in Germany, 52 in Europe (outside of Germany), 48 in North and Central America, 51 in South America, 31 in the Asia-Pacific region including India, Australia and New Zealand, and 17 in Africa and the Middle East. The 245 project applications fall under various categories. 58 projects are in the area of school, education and training, 54 in health and rehabilitation, 98 in social concerns, leisure time and care, 34 in culture, music and sport, and one in environment and nature conservation.

Photography contest
In early summer 2005, Henkel asked employees and pensioners whose children's projects are sponsored to take pictures of interesting motifs drawn from the broad field of volunteer work and to enter them in a photography contest. Possible motifs might show young people, old people, encounters, happy or sad moments, and situations communicating joy or hope.

The ten prize-winning photo motifs can be seen on the Internet at http://www.press.henkel.com.

What is Henkel Smile?
Henkel Smile brings together all aspects of Henkel's social commitment that go beyond its business interests - international corporate citizenship. Every year, through the MIT Initiative begun in 1998, the Company supports volunteer work by Henkel Group employees or pensioners who, in addition to their work, in their free time, are intensively involved in social, charitable, cultural or ecological projects. In 2001, on the basis of this initiative, Henkel began especially to support projects designed to help children all over the world. This enables Henkel to link its charitable donation activities with personal commitment on the part of its employees and pensioners. Since 1998, well over 3,000 employees and pensioners have volunteered for the benefit of public welfare all around the world and have received support from the Company. Up to now, they have been able to help to improve the life of more than 38,000 children in all parts of the world.