10/26/2005, Düsseldorf


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Henkel Charts Bold New Adventure on Brazilian Coastline/ Henkel Revs up for Sea-Borne "Paris-Dakar":
The Rubson Raid Turquoise

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Racing at speeds of up to 50 knots (92.6 km/h) across 1500 nautical miles (2,778 kilometres) in the beautiful blue waters of Brazil's Costa Verde, teams of four in Capelli and Yamaha 7.5-metre semi-rigid boats put their nautical skills to the test. In addition to speed and orienteering courses, the programme comprises activities including big game fishing, waterskiing and even land trials, making for a unique event offering great variety and breathtaking adventure in the worlds' most magical surroundings.

In 2001, the Belgian-born Philippe Martin created this unique powerboat adventure trek. Since then, Rubson Raid Turquoise crews have been criss-crossing the southern seas in search of nautical challenges in the world's most beautiful places, including Seychelles, Guadeloupe, Grenadine and Brazil. Now in its fifth year, the seven-day event is grabbing the attention of ever more water-sports professionals and amateurs around the world. The Rubson Raid Turquoise 2005 will see around 20 teams from eight countries - Belgium, Brazil, France, Italy, Martinique and St. Barthelemy in the Caribbean, Morocco, the Netherlands and Portugal - more than double the participation of the pioneering event in 2001.
"The Rubson Raid Turquoise is a scenic and adventurous event in highest quality that underscores core values of the Henkel brand," said Ernst Primosch, vice president of Corporate Communications, Henkel Group. "It combines technology innovation, the drive for success and the spirit of friendship and trust in a team - and all of this in balance with the environment."
Set against a backdrop of spectacular seascapes, the event is also drawing increasing media coverage, offering an excellent opportunity for Henkel to raise its awareness worldwide. This year Henkel joins in sponsorship with its Rubson(r) brand of waterproof materials - products and technologies that are used increasingly in vital applications on the boats.
Rubson is Henkel's brand of waterproof materials, including sealant products, waterproof coatings, humidity absorbers and anti-corrosion treatments. For 48 years, the Rubson product range has been delivering efficient technical solutions for combating humidity to meet the requirements of private individuals and professional builders. The Rubson brand product range is available in France, Benelux, Spain, Portugal. The brand goes by the name "Ceresit" in Germany, Poland, Greece and Russia; "Sista" in Italy; and "Unibond" in United Kingdom.
With the aim of giving the Group and its brands a higher profile with the offering of excellent sports events respective to its customers and the high quality of products, Henkel sponsors sports events and teams around the world. Displaying its logo, or those of its brands, in front of millions of sports fans, Henkel sponsorships include the Beach Volleyball World Tour, most recently in Paris; in North America, Henkel's NASCAR racing sponsorships involve several brands; in Formula One, Henkel is an Official Supplier to Team McLaren Mercedes; for the Dakar Raid, Henkel provides racing teams with a wide range of products and technical support.