12/01/2005, Düsseldorf


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Henkel Crowns ‘Rubson Raid Turquoise' Winners

On any other days they are company managers or engineers - and some even world champion sports professionals. But from November 23 to 30, more than 60 adventure seekers from all over the world, enthusiasts in sports and life, took to the waters of Costa Verde for a powerboat event that is gaining ever more renown as "Paris-Dakar of the Sea". Joining this year's Rubson Raid Turquoise as sponsor, Henkel celebrates the winning teams and participants who helped make the event a success in Brazil, where the company now commemorates 50 years of operation.
Taking the top spots in both the team and pilot classifications at the Rubson Raid Turquoise 2005 was Team OOL from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. Led by 1978 windsurfing world champion Yann Roussel, the team secured a total of 124 points across diverse activities from speed trials and waterskiing to sand-trekking and team-building rowing courses. Runners-up included Portuguese team Angel Pilot (106.5 points), AMI from Dubai (105 points) and France's Pattex team (104 points).

Set against the backdrop of the worlds' most spectacular seascapes, the Rubson Raid Turquoise is a seven-day nautical challenge demanding tight teamwork, physical endurance and nautical savvy. It is anything but smooth sailing for teams, with difficulties such as the torrential rain and tropical drizzle during Day 3's orientation trials putting navigational skills to the test. But in addition to their abilities, team spirit and will to win, teams rely on high-quality equipment, including 7.5-metre semi-rigid boats provided by Capelli and Yamaha and Henkel's Rubson® brand of waterproof materials - products and technologies that are used increasingly in vital applications on the boats.

"Henkel congratulates the winners and extends its warmest thanks to all teams, crews and participants for making this year's event such a success", said Ernst Primosch, vice president of Corporate Communications, Henkel Group. "The event's day-to-day challenges demand great team spirit, skills and sportsmanship from the teams and the support and know-how of partners offering high-quality products and equipment. The Rubson Raid Turquoise 2005 offered an optimal time and place to join this exciting event and help raise worldwide awareness of Henkel and its brands and technologies."

In addition international water-sports professionals and amateurs, this year's event attracted more than 40 TV and print journalists from countries around the world, including China, France, Italy, Russia, Poland and the United Kingdom. To help journalists capture the action and visual magnificence of this nautical adventure along the beautiful Costa Verde between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the accompanying cruise ship and helicopter offered exclusive opportunities for spectacular photographs and video footage fed to media rooms around the world via satellite.

Belgian-born adventurer Philippe Martin created this unique powerboat adventure trek in 2001. Since then, Rubson Raid Turquoise crews have been criss-crossing the southern seas in search of nautical challenges in the world's most beautiful places, including Seychelles, Guadeloupe and Grenadine.

Rubson is Henkel's brand of waterproof materials, including sealant products, waterproof coatings, humidity absorbers and anti-corrosion treatments. For 48 years, the Rubson product range has been delivering efficient technical solutions for combating humidity to meet the requirements of private individuals and professional builders. The Rubson brand product range is available in France, Benelux, Spain, Portugal. The brand goes by the name "Ceresit" in Germany, Poland, Greece and Russia; "Sista" in Italy; and "Unibond" in United Kingdom.

With the aim of giving the Group and its brands a higher profile with the offering of excellent sports events respective to its customers and the high quality of products, Henkel sponsors sports events and teams around the world. Displaying its logo, or those of its brands, in front of millions of sports fans, Henkel sponsorships include the Beach Volleyball World Tour, most recently in Paris; in North America, Henkel's NASCAR racing sponsorships involve several brands; in Formula One, Henkel is an Official Supplier to Team McLaren Mercedes; for the Dakar Raid, Henkel provides racing teams with a wide range of products and technical support.