07/25/2005, Düsseldorf/Paris/Klagenfurt


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Henkel sponsors its first beach volleyball tournaments, in Paris and Klagenfurt
Digging at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

Henkel is establishing a new beachhead - in the Swatch FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour. For the first time, the Company is sponsoring two Grand Slam events, in Paris und Klagenfurt. The players will be digging and setting at the foot of the Eiffel Tower from July 26 to 31, and in Klagenfurt from August 3 to 7. In Klagenfurt, the balls will also fly for a charitable purpose: for each match ball played Henkel will donate 10 euros to the diabetes outpatient department of the children's clinic of the Vienna General Hospital.
Düsseldorf/Paris/Klagenfurt - Beach volleyball was a trend sport even before it was included in the Sydney Olympic Games in the year 2000. The game in the sand still enthralls a wide target group and is characterized above all by team spirit. Moreover, beach volleyball is regarded as a fair and "clean" sport, which has never been blemished by scandals or doping. Thanks to the steady professionalization of the sport, the quality of the play has also been maximized. "These attributes harmonize excellently with Henkel's image," states Ernst Primosch, Vice President Corporate Communications of the Henkel Group, with conviction. This is why Henkel has decided to support two Grand Slam events on the Swatch FIVB World Tour in Europe this year.

Henkel's sponsorship is primarily visible in its in-stadium advertising, in the form of rotating panels, banners and flags. There will be a Henkel Friendship Lounge in one of the stands and its logo will be displayed on the roof of the VIP area. In addition, the Company will also have its own Henkel Beach in the Trade Village, where it will exhibit its Fa (body care), Fewa (detergents) and Pattex (adhesives) product brands. At the tournament in Paris, all the players will wear the Henkel logo on their jerseys.

The charity aspect of the Beach Volley Ball Grand Slam Tournament in Klagenfurt: for each match ball played Henkel will donate 10 euros to "Henkel-Smile". The sportif ambitions of all players already promise exciting matches. In its "Henkel-Smile" program Henkel embraces all its commitments to society that go beyond business concerns - internationally known as Corporate Citizenship.