06/10/2005, Düsseldorf


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Henkel's Multan 97-40 sets new standards for cutting fluids

When it comes to water-miscible cutting fluids, Henkel's Multan product range is regarded throughout the sector as the number one. Thanks to a patented emulsifier concept, the Multan technology combines maximum cutting performance with minimum tool wear, low product consumption and vastly improved occupational health. Further optimization of the formulation means that, with immediate effect, the cutting fluid marketed under the name Multan 97-40 is no longer subject to a labeling obligation. The new top product is suitable for use with water of all levels of hardness.
Multan from Henkel has a unique market position in the metal industry due to its patented emulsifier concept. The Multan brand product range is preferred because it unites maximum manufacturing quality with economically more efficient production processes.

Ideal for difficult cutting operations
The innovative Multan cutting fluid from Henkel was originally developed for the aluminum industry. But this branded product is also suitable for steel alloys, casting alloys and nonferrous metals. It demonstrates its strengths in particular in difficult cutting operations such as reaming and tapping. Moreover, it can be used for all conventional manufacturing processes and cutting tool materials. The lubricant properties of the finely dispersed emulsion are sensational, and are even superior to those of coarsely dispersed emulsions. Thanks to the outstanding rinsing properties of Multan 97-40, the chips are cleanly removed, so that tools and measuring sensors remain free from sticky deposits and the processed parts are clean and dry after they have been machined. At the same time, the cutting fluid offers very good corrosion protection while the metal parts are in intermediate storage.

EU Biocide Directive 2006 deadline already met
Like its predecessor, Multan 97-40 is boron-free and contains no compounds of phosphorus, sulfur or chlorine. The formulation is partly synthetic, containing both mineral and vegetable oils. The crucial element is a patented novel emulsifier combination, which also gives the emulsion its excellent bacteriological stability and outstanding skin compatibility. The proven formulation was improved for Multan 97-40, so that the product is now no longer subject to a labeling obligation and its skin compatibility is even better. At the same time, Multan 97-40 already satisfies the stricter provisions of the EU Biocide Directive 98/8EC, which will not become effective until September 2006. From this date, it will only be possible to put certain very specific biocides and fungicidal agents into circulation, which will considerably reduce the choice of raw materials for water-miscible cutting fluids and will very quickly demonstrate the technical limits of conventional products.

Investment in future-safe auxiliaries
Many companies in the metal industry face the prospect of having to switch to new products when the new Biocide Directive comes into force. With Multan 97-40, Henkel can offer them a solution that is based on the positive experience with its predecessor product and satisfies the latest technological standards. The cutting fluid concept has proven itself on the market over the past five years and has won over industrial users from widely differing sectors. The reasons for this include its outstanding success in fulfilling qualitative demands, its good skin compatibility and its excellent cost-effectiveness. Product consumption in the initial fill and topping-up is well below that of conventional products. Moreover, a service life of 2 and more years can be achieved. In short: auxiliaries such as cutting fluids make a significant contribution to productivity in the metal industry. In supplying Multan 97-40, Henkel is also supplying a future-safe concept.