07/08/2005, Düsseldorf


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LabelExpo 2005: Henkel is presenting a complete portfolio of pressure-sensitive adhesives for "no-label" look applications

The quality of consumer goods is communicated more and more by the aura of excellence from the branded product label. For premium products such as those in the cosmetics and beverages industries, self-adhesive film labels with the "no label" look are being used more and more frequently. With the latest hotmelt, UV-curing and dispersion adhesives technologies from Henkel, this made-to-measure branding becomes a perfect fit.
The adhesives specialists of Henkel Technologies witness at first hand the many ideas that product managers and packaging designers in the branded products industry come up with to embellish their products. Hardly surprising, since consumers and industrial business exist side by side under the Henkel Group umbrella. The special requirements of self-adhesive labels are a focus of attention throughout the value chain - from label coating, printing and die-cutting through to application on cosmetic products or household cleaners. This encourages a lively exchange of expertise on the latest technological challenges and keeps the Company ahead of the field when it comes to systems solutions with a promising future.

Clean and reliable: Adhesin J1639
A fine example of this is the new dispersion adhesive Adhesin J1639 for completely transparent clear-on-clear labels, the ultimate in the "no label" look. This water- and UV-resistant adhesive is distinguished by its extremely strong adhesion and high aging resistance, can be applied neatly and economically, and keeps production running exceptionally smoothly. A novel feature is the repositionability of the label.

Outstanding prospects: Technomelt PS 8799
A market-leading innovation in "no label" look labeling is the highly transparent Technomelt PS 8799 developed by Henkel. Created specifically for users who only have hotmelt machines, it opens up totally new market opportunities. The adhesive is crystal-clear, extremely aging-resistant and is repositionable for several minutes. At the same time, it gives a "bubble free" label even under some of the most demanding labeling applications. The new hotmelt also makes labeling possible on freshly blown plastic packages without the risk of later wrinkling. The adhesive and label adapt to package shrinkage until ultimate solidity is achieved.

Multiple opportunities: UV hotmelts of the Technocure series
Finally, Henkel's portfolio of clear-on-clear products also extends to high-performance UV acrylates from Technocure. Technocure PS 4105 is a permanent UV-curing hotmelt ideal not only for "no label" look labels, but also for a whole range of other applications in which high standards of UV- and aging resistance, heat resistance and performance are demanded. The UV hotmelts Technocure PS 4109 and Technocure PS 4114 round off the performance range of UV acrylates by contributing special solutions to removable and highly media-resistant applications.

Transparency through the value chain
The customer benefits especially from Henkel's unique position as an adhesives specialist and a leading manufacturer of branded consumer products - in both cases as a globally operating business. The result is a profound and comprehensive understanding both of the customer's needs on the product side and the requirements at all stages in the production and application of labels. Jürgen Schild, International Packaging Development Hair Care at Schwarzkopf & Henkel: "We also benefit from the extensive know-how of our adhesives experts in the realization of complex labeling systems. Henkel Adhesives is also able to input our own packaging expertise in joint projects by testing new developments on the latest filling and labeling technology for cosmetics products."

Premium service for premium labels
For the production of high-grade labels, Henkel covers the whole spectrum of advanced adhesives technologies. The premium claim has its effect throughout product development: Experience from the cosmetics and cleaner sectors is backed up by ongoing cooperation with leading label stock, release liner and machine and equipment manufacturers. Application technology and technical service have to meet high expectations. Since May 2005, Henkel has been operating its own high-performance coater for pilot purposes. Georg Gillessen, Sales Manager Web Coating Systems at Nordson Engineering: "With its new CTL 4400 series coater for hotmelt and UV acrylates, Henkel is setting new standards in the development of tailor-made solutions and in technical service." At speeds of up to 300 m/min, newly developed products can be tested and optimized in authentic conditions and with original customer materials. A clear advantage for trouble-free product launch with the new premium labels.