07/08/2005, Düsseldorf


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LabelExpo 2005: Henkel is presenting innovative solutions for highly demanding labeling applications

The market for self-adhesive labels is currently experiencing a massive growth and technology surge. Impelled by increasingly demanding challenges in marketing and technology, the visual and processing quality of self-adhesive labels is being ceaselessly enhanced. Innovative adhesives systems from Henkel are playing a major role in this trend. Permitting top-speed machining, they offer tailor-made solutions for the most demanding tasks in the development of high-performance labels.
The production of high-grade self-adhesive labels for consumer goods and industrial applications has developed over the past few years into a highly specialized branch of industry with huge growth potential. Several trends are contributing to this. Firstly, in almost all sectors labels have accomplished a lasting functional shift from an information medium to an image carrier for branded products. At the same time, the production technologies involved have undergone rapid transformation: The interplay of new materials, printing techniques and high-performance machines has created the conditions for the realization of increasingly sophisticated application profiles.

Innovative adhesives indispensable for the industry
Comprehensive system solutions are indispensable for the fast-growing market for self-adhesive labeling. As a leading adhesives manufacturer, Henkel recognized this fact early on and has consistently further-developed suitable adhesives technologies for the specific needs of the industry. As a full technology provider, it supplies not only innovative rubber-based dispersions and hotmelt adhesives, but also high-performance UV acrylates that open up even greater applicational, quality and value-adding potential. Efforts are focused on sophisticated specialized developments in the areas of removable adhesives, the "no label" look, media resistance, deep-freeze products and high heat resistance adhesives.

Immaculate appearance and adhesion for clear-on-clear labels
One of the latest and most important trends in packaging development is transparent film labels with the "no label" look, which are used particularly on premium products. To meet market needs, Henkel has developed a complete portfolio of special water-based, hotmelt and UV acrylate adhesives that combine absolute transparency, high aging resistance, good adhesion and clean label positioning. No matter what the requirements or the coating technology used, Henkel is able to find the right solution.

Heat-resistant hotmelts for industrial applications
Even for label applications involving extreme temperatures, Henkel has high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesives based on dispersions, hotmelts and UV acrylates. Absolutely unique are hotmelt adhesives distinguished by their softening point of up to 130°C. For label applications in the automotive, rail and aircraft sectors, this opens up new opportunities and solutions in areas that until now could only be served by dispersion and UV adhesive technology.

Powerful tack even for deep-frozen foods
Henkel has ideal solutions for the labeling of deep-frozen foods as well. At application temperatures of as low as -20°C, high surface tack is demanded in the packaging industry under the toughest conditions. Special acrylate-based pressure-sensitive adhesives permit trouble-free labeling even at exceptionally low temperatures. These products are also distinguished by their high water resistance.

Removable adhesives for all conceivable applications
Henkel is presenting another innovation in the form of a complete range of pressure-sensitive adhesives for removable labels. Covering everything from classical dispersions and hotmelts through to the latest UV-curing hotmelts, Henkel has the solution to match every field of application. The spectrum covers all the applications demanded by the market, even including extremely pick-sensitive surfaces and outdoor applications with extreme demands such as weather-resistant vehicle films made of soft PVC. One of Henkel's specialties is a plasticizer-free dispersion permitting the use of non-backcoated thermal paper.

Profound understanding of the value chain
The customer benefits enormously from Henkel's supremacy as an adhesives specialist and a leading manufacturer of branded consumer products - in both cases as a globally operating group. The result is a profound and comprehensive understanding both of the customer's needs on the product side and the requirements at all stages in the production and application of labels. Each product development is the achievement of a network of specialists fully conversant with even the smallest details. These include leading label stock, release liner, machine and applicator manufacturers, with whom Henkel maintains an ongoing technical dialogue.

The latest pilot coater from market leader Nordson
A very effective customer service, of special benefit for sophisticated applications, is provided by Henkel's new Nordson pilot coater, which is equipped with the latest application technology. Georg Gillessen, Sales Manager Web Coating Systems at Nordson Engineering: "The pilot coater of the CTL 4400 series used at Henkel is capable of replicating all commonly used application technologies to industrial standard." The pilot plant enables the customer to thoroughly test his specific application without having to disrupt his own production. This enables Henkel to considerably accelerate tailor-made customer solutions and the time to market in its own innovation process. Furthermore, maximum production reliability and economical adhesive use are assured by the ProControl monitoring system recommended by Henkel for inline measurement of adhesive consumption.

Summing up, it can be said that Henkel's product technologies and services enable label producers and users to tap new market potential - with high standards of quality, productivity and added-value.