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New Persil TV commercial broadcast in 13 countries

A new version of the Persil TV commercial - "Purity" - is currently being given air time in 13 European countries. Its purpose is to communicate the positioning of Henkel's premium brands on a pan-European scale. Purity that the consumer can experience, see, feel and smell is the core message at the center of this, the latest TV advertising campaign for Persil and its national counterparts.
Images accompanied by crystal-clear and uplifting piano phrasing of the highest quality remind the audience of the immaculate purity of nature's most inspiring wonders - a snow-covered mountain landscape, a swan, and the changing whites of a bubbling spring - all in analogous correlation with the purity of Persil. Integrated within these fascinating pictures of our natural world are scenes focussing on the sensory appreciation of Persil purity. The sequence shows a woman throwing, with obvious elan, a radiantly white sheet over a bed ("see"), another woman gently, sensuously pulling on her white blouse ("feel"), and yet another woman enjoying the beautifully fresh fragrance of a white towel ("smell"). As if epitomizing everything about Persil purity, a sweeping, all-pervading hand then brushes over an immaculately clean table cloth. "Experiencing the best in purity with Persil. See it, feel it, smell it. Persil is Purity" is the commentary. Appearing in 13 European countries, the commercial will serve to underpin the premium positioning of Persil (in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey and Finland), Le Chat (in France), Dixan (in Italy, Greece and Cyprus) and Wipp (in Spain).