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Science Press Conference at Henkel on September 28, 2005
Making visions evolve

In a Science Press Conference held in its Fritz Henkel House in Düsseldorf, Henkel showed how its research environment enables passionate and dedicated scientists to evolve their visions, so that excellent ideas can be turned into attractive products and commercial success. The examples presented included a new nanotechnological substance for the treatment of sensitive teeth, prebiotic cosmetics, adhesive systems for flexible solar roofs, and the factory of the future.
"Attractive innovations generated through our research and development work in both the consumer and the industrial sector are crucial to our future business success. They build the foundations for further growth," stated Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehner, Chairman of the Management Board of Henkel KGaA.

"But," Lehner stressed, "if we in Germany want to leverage our country's future, we must mobilize all of our educational resources. The entire education system needs to be strengthened, and especially science and technology, since they are key to innovative power. Education and research are Germany's raw materials, and we should be doing all we can to mine them." Further emphasizing this, Lehner added: "We need a greater number of good scientists and engineers who are also willing to work in Germany. Germany must be made more attractive to researchers. In saying so, I am appealing to politicians of all parties and on all levels to recognize what needs to be done and to make sure that it gets done, without any further delay."

Dr. Wolfgang Gawrisch, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Research/Technology of Henkel KGaA, added: "The future competitiveness of a company will be measured by its focus on innovation. This is especially true of companies based in Germany or Europe. By innovation, we mean all changes that are geared to satisfying our customers' needs today and tomorrow, and which will consequently secure profitable growth in the future. This is why we shape our research strategy to meet tomorrow's market needs."

Four further speakers presented examples of successful Research & Development and Technology projects for the future:

- Christiane Schüle, head of New Business Nanit®active, and Dr. Eva Sewing, head of International Brand Management Oral Care, described nanotechnological successes in dental care. The research company SusTech Darmstadt has developed an active ingredient that supports the natural repair mechanism of saliva and provides lasting relief for sensitive teeth. The first toothpaste with the new active ingredient Nanit®active will be launched on the market at the beginning of 2006.

- Dr. Dirk Bockmühl, Personal Hygiene, presented the action principle of prebiotic cosmetics which combat blemished skin. By using these substances, Henkel Research has developed the first natural way of regulating imbalances in the skin's bacterial flora. Prebiotic skin care products are a mild alternative treatment, especially for people with sensitive skin.

- Kornelia Theissen, Project Manager in the Solar unit of the Henkel Technologies business sector, reported on the use of tailor-made high-tech adhesives which integrate flexible solar cells into polymer roofing membranes - and make it possible to install solar roofs off the roll. As a system partner to a US-based solar technology supplier, Henkel is playing a major role in expanding the utilization of the sun's energy.

- Sascha Pokorny, Technology Development, presented various modules as stepping stones on the way to the digital factory of the future. Manufacturing companies must adapt to rapidly changing conditions if they wish to maintain their long-term competitiveness. By using new technologies, Henkel is already optimally equipped to meet tomorrow's production requirements.

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