03/31/2006, Düsseldorf, Germany / Columbus, Ohio, USA


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Henkel acquires consumer adhesives company in Brazil

Henkel has acquired Alba Adesivos, a consumer adhesives company based in Brazil, from Hexion Specialty Chemicals.

Henkel has acquired the adhesives company Alba Adesivos from Hexion Specialty Chemicals. Alba Adesivos, based in Boituva/São Paulo, Brazil, is a leading Latin American producer of branded consumer and professional grade adhesives. In 2005 the company generated sales of about 38 million US dollars with approximately 140 employees. Its primary products include contact cements, polyvinyl acetate adhesives, silicone sealants, and epoxy putty adhesives for consumers and contractors.

"This acquisition is a perfect complement of our existing product portfolio in Latin America", says Alois Linder, Executive Vice President Consumer and Craftsmen Adhesives of Henkel KGaA. "We have acquired a successful business with strong and well-known brands, which will strengthen our business with consumer and craftsmen adhesives in one of our growth regions."