02/23/2006, Düsseldorf


HA Schult's "Trash People" at the Cologne Cathedral


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Henkel brings unique art back home

There's a tightly-packed crowd on the Domplatte, the plaza in front of the Cologne Cathedral. This time it is not made up of tourists from all over the world, however, but of 1,000 sculptures, the "Trash People" which German artist HA Schult makes out of rubbish. After an unprecedented trip around the world, the fascinating Trash People are home again - in Cologne, where they were "born." Henkel is sponsoring this very special art event, which will be seen at the Cologne Cathedral from April 21 until May 1 under the title "Cologne People."

Düsseldorf - The Trash People are back from their trip around the world. Wherever the life-sized figures appeared, whether on Red Square in Moscow, under the Grande Arche in Paris, on the Great Wall of China near Beijing, in front of the Pyramids near Cairo, or on the Grand-Place in Brussels, they fascinated millions of visitors. In Brussels alone, the sculptures attracted 1.2 million viewers in only five days last year. Now they are returning to Cologne, the place where they were created.
The birth of the Trash People would not have been possible without Henkel. "With its branded products, Henkel made an important contribution, enabling the Trash People to be created in the first place. It is adhesives from Henkel that hold the sculptures together," says Ernst Primosch, Vice President Corporate Communications of the international Henkel Group. "The Trash People originated in the Rhineland and have traveled almost around the entire globe. The international orientation of HA Schult and his art are a very good match for Henkel, which is why we are pleased to support the exhibition," Primosch continues. Even while the Trash People were touring the world, the contact to HA Schult never broke off.
The Company uses its logo to advertise for this art event on the Domplatte in front of the Cologne Cathedral. As "ambassadors" for the exhibition, a delegation of Trash People greets arriving passengers from a specially built presentation platform at the Cologne-Bonn Airport.