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Oekom Corporate Responsibility Rating 2006


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Henkel is the most sustainable consumer goods company

Top ranking once again: As already in 2004, Henkel has taken first place as the company with the best sustainability and corporate responsibility performance in the consumer goods sector. This was the outcome of a survey conducted by the independent rating agency oekom research.

In the Corporate Responsibility Rating of the Munich-based agency oekom research, Henkel has been recognized as the most sustainable among the world's top eleven stock-quoted consumer goods manufacturers. On a scale of A+ to D-, Henkel scored the overall rating B. This comprehensive analysis is based on ecological and social indicators. In five of six overarching categories, such as "Products and Services" and "Eco-Efficiency," Henkel was rated "best in class" within its sector.

"We are delighted at this renewed excellent rating of our sustainability and corporate responsibility performance," says Dr. Wolfgang Gawrisch, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Research/Technology and Chairman of the Henkel Sustainability Council. "The results confirm our commitment to assuming responsibility wherever Henkel operates. We contribute to society through our brands and technologies, while always striving to harmonize economic, ecological and social objectives."

The product portfolios of the companies considered in the survey mainly focus on the areas of cosmetics, body care, and laundry detergents and household cleaners, reports oekom research. "In terms of sustainability, the major challenges this sector faces are therefore closely related to the ingredients used," explains Oliver Rüdel, author of the survey. As key topics for the sector he lists: product safety, consumer information, avoiding the use of controversial ingredients, alternatives to animal testing, and ecologically compatible cultivation of renewable raw materials.

Further information on the Corporate Responsibility Rating can be found at http://www.oekom-research.com.