11/16/2006, Düsseldorf


Henkel as co-sponsor of the Rubson Raid Turquoise


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Henkel on board in the RRT challenge

It is known as the Dakar Rally on water and is one of the last great adventures for "real men": the Rubson Raid Turquoise. This year's power boat race is to be held from December 9 to 16 off the coast of Thailand. The international 4-man crews are required to deal with tasks of the utmost difficulty on land as well as on the ocean waves where the course distance measures 500 nautical miles. And just like last year, Henkel is a co-sponsor of the event.

Düsseldorf - With 20 teams from a variety of countries expected to join battle off the coast of Thailand, the Rubson Raid Turquoise is all set for the off. From December 9 to 16, the crews - each comprising four members - will be exposed to some pretty extreme challenges to their seamanship skills. And it is an event that Henkel is delighted to support as a co-sponsor. Aside from participants from Asia, North Africa and Western Europe, this year also sees a Russian crew in the starting line-up.
The Rubson Raid Turquoise is a combination of fast power-boat racing and challenging sporting events on land. The crew members will need to work as a team and exhibit exceptional navigational skills as they speed over the course. As a new departure this year, the contest will see not only the familiar high-tech power boats vying for position but also water-skiing and swimming events, while the on-land challenges include a trekking stage.
"The Rubson Raid Turquoise is a nature-based experience and an adventure of the highest order - one in which quality and professionalism are of paramount importance," explains Ernst Primosch, Corporate Vice President Corporate Communications at Henkel. "The race combines technological innovation, a hunger for success and the spirit of friendship, trust and confidence in a team situation - all in harmony with the environment."
Henkel is co-sponsoring the Rubson Raid Turquoise with its Rubson® brand of waterproofing and humidity management materials. These include putties and sealants, water-tight coatings, moisture absorbers and anti-rust treatments. The Rubson brand family is marketed in France, Benelux, Spain and Portugal. In Germany, these products are distributed under the "Ceresit" name.
Henkel sponsors sporting events and sports teams throughout the world. These include the Beach Volleyball Grand Slams in Paris and in Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee, Austria. Henkel is also a sponsor of the 2007 World Ice Hockey Championships in Moscow. In North America, Henkel is a NASCAR sponsor with several brands on view, and in Formula One, Henkel is an official sponsor of and supplier to Team McLaren Mercedes. For the traditional Dakar Rally, Henkel likewise offers the racing teams a wide range of products and technical support.