02/15/2006, Düsseldorf/Torino


Henkel sponsors best Estonian biathlon competitors at Winter Olympics in Torino




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Henkel rewards for Olympic medals

Düsseldorf/Turin - The Olympic Winter Games in Torino are dominating the world of sports these days. During the exciting athletic competitions for gold, silver and bronze, Henkel is there, too. Henkel Balti, a subsidiary of Henkel Central Eastern Europe (CEE), is one of the main sponsors of the Estonian biathlon team. Athletes from Estonia who place among the first ten receive special bonuses. If they win a medal, the bonus is increased correspondingly.

A gold medal is worth about 6,400 euros; for silver and bronze, there is approximately 3,200 euros. But even the athletes who do not go home with precious metal hanging from their necks don't leave with empty pockets either. Each Estonian biathlon competitor who comes in fourth to tenth receives 1,300 euros.
"These bonuses are a logical continuation of a longstanding partnership. Henkel Balti has been sponsoring the Estonian biathlon team for four years," reports Siiri Odrats, President of Henkel Balti. This sponsorship serves as a means of communication for the Henkel umbrella brand and for the Ceresit building materials brand.

Biathletes Indrek Tobreluts, Janno Prants, Priit Viks, Dimitri Borovik, and Roland Lessing are at the starting line for Estonia in Torino. The athletes' next chances to win bonuses will be at the Pursuit on February 18 and the Mass Start on February 25.