02/07/2006, Duesseldorf/Paris


Henkel will be the main sponsor of the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam in Paris


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Henkel Wins the Title!

The most important international beach volleyball tournament in France has been given a new name: "Henkel Beach-Volleyball Grand Slam 2006". Compared to last year, the global manufacturer of brand name products has taken a giant leap forward. At that time, Henkel broke new ground with its very successful, first-time beach volleyball sponsorship. Now, Henkel is expanding its involvement in beach volleyball competition by becoming the title sponsor of this event. From July 25 - 30, 2006, these world-class matches will take place directly on the "Champ de Mars", a large public green space directly adjacent to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In addition to the title sponsorship in Paris, Henkel will continue to sponsor the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam tournament in Klagenfurt, Austria, demonstrating Henkel's solid commitment to this Olympic sport.

Düsseldorf/Paris - Henkel is the official title sponsor of the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam tournament in Paris. From July 25 - 30, 2006, the beach volleyball matches will be held near the Eiffel Tower in Paris under the official designation, "Henkel Beach Volleyball Grand Slam 2006". "This title sponsorship in Paris enables us to play in the major leagues of this fantastic sport. Team spirit, competition, fair play and emotions characterise beach volleyball, and that is very much in line with our Henkel corporate values. The sponsorship will make us more well-known in France and give us a more emotional image worldwide - that is precisely our target in the upcoming years", says Ernst Primosch, Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications of the Henkel Group, in explaining the company's approach.

A total of 200 matches will be held during the six days of competition. 250 male and female athletes from 40 countries will go up against each other. The arena on the Champ de Mars in Paris will host up to 6,000 fans, who will be able to enjoy world-class beach volleyball free of charge. In this case, Henkel is offering its consumers a close-up sporting experience of the highest caliber. The most prominent Henkel brands will also play a role in the overall presentation, appearing under the motto "Henkel - A Brand like a Friend".

Henkel's beach volleyball sponsorship in Klagenfurt is also dedicated to a good cause: money will be raised for the Austrian "Henkel-Smile" children's project. In 2006, the company supports the Vienna institution "Contrast" which, for more than 20 years, has been promoting the early education of blind and visually impaired children from birth to age six. In its Henkel-Smile program, Henkel has bundled all its initiatives for the benefit of society, commonly termed "corporate citizenship".