06/22/2006, Dusseldorf


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Name Lars Witteck
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Investor Relations Award for Financial Communications

At the 2006 Investor Relations Awards organized by German business magazine Capital, Henkel came first in the category of DAX-listed companies. The consumer goods and technologies company thus improved its standing by one further position compared to the previous year. Lothar Steinebach, Executive Vice President Finance of Henkel KGaA, accepted the award at the ceremony held in Frankfurt on June 21.

Commenting on the prize, Steinebach said: "This award demonstrates that our pro-active and transparent financial communications enjoy significant confidence within the capital market. We regard it as both welcome recognition and an incentive to carry on improving. We will continue to further improve our Investor Relations activities."

Organized by Capital and the DVFA - the German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management - this annual ranking of the work carried out by the investor relations departments of listed corporations has been a regular feature since 1997. Henkel has continually improved its standing in recent years,
reaching ninth in 2003 and then moving up from fourth in 2004 to second in 2005. The criteria upon which the award is based are transparency, continuity, target group orientation and financial reporting quality.