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Change in the Management Board in April 2008 as planned


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Kasper Rorsted to succeed Ulrich Lehner in 2008

Henkel sets the course for a further successful future.

Ulrich Lehner (60), on reaching the Henkel-internal retirement age of 62, will resign from his office of Chairman of the Management Board in April 2008. Lehner, who - except for a short break - has been with Henkel since 1981 and held the position of Chairman of the Management Board since May 2000, will thus terminate his position in the Management Board at the 2008 Annual General Meeting as planned. The Shareholders' Committee has appointed Kasper Rorsted (44), Executive Vice President Human Resources/Purchasing/Information Technologies/Infrastructure Services since April 2005, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board effective January 1, 2007. He will be appointed Chairman following the 2008 Annual General Meeting.

"We are pleased to give the position of Chairman of the Management Board to an internationally experienced and excellent manager in 2008. Kasper Rorsted will successfully continue Henkel's further development and internationalization", says Albrecht Woeste, Chairman of the Shareholders' Committee and of the Supervisory Board of Henkel KGaA.

Kasper Rorsted has made a successful career, having formerly held leading positions in the international managements of Digital, Oracle, Compaq and Hewlett Packard. Before he joined the Henkel KGaA Management Board, Rorsted was Senior Vice President and General Manager at Hewlett Packard, where he last headed the Europe, Middle East & Africa business with about 40.000 employees.