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1907 Persil
100 years of Persil 

At the beginning of the 20th century, a good number of meadows were white, especially in summer. Linen was spread out over the grass to bleach in the sun. Now the meadows are all green again, thanks mainly to one laundry detergent: Persil. On June 6, 2007, Persil, the first self-acting laundry detergent, will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. Throughout its history Persil has stood for cleanliness you can see, feel and smell, and it is still setting new standards today on its path into the next century.

Kasper Rorsted to succeed Ulrich Lehner in 2008 

Henkel sets the course for a further successful future.

Henkel as Co-sponsor of the Rubson Raid Turquoise 

The countdown is almost complete: tomorrow - Saturday - the Rubson Raid Turquoise starts off the coast of Thailand. Twenty international teams will line up for this year's speedboat race, also referred to as the "Dakar Rally of the Sea". The four-man crews will compete against each other until 16 December, covering a total of 500 nautical miles. They will also face some tough on-shore challenges. As last year, Henkel is again co-sponsoring the event.

Henkel and Solar Integrated develop the next generation of solar roofs 

The sun is one of the key energy sources of the future. For customers and partners of Solar Integrated, a company specializing in solar roofing systems, Henkel has developed adhesives and sealants to enable the implementation of a groundbreaking technology in this field: the solar roof off the roll. This innovative solution has now been honored with the European Environmental Press Award (EEP Award) in Silver.

Calling all Innovators 

Henkel announces the kick-off for the "Henkel Innovation Trophy". With this new invention contest Henkel invites all independent inventors worldwide to submit creative ideas via the Internet or via mail. An expert panel of judges will evaluate each submission for business fit, level of innovation and market potential. The top winners will receive attractive cash prizes. Furthermore, the best submissions will be reviewed by Henkel to evaluate future business opportunities with the inventors.

Henkel on board in the RRT challenge 

It is known as the Dakar Rally on water and is one of the last great adventures for "real men": the Rubson Raid Turquoise. This year's power boat race is to be held from December 9 to 16 off the coast of Thailand. The international 4-man crews are required to deal with tasks of the utmost difficulty on land as well as on the ocean waves where the course distance measures 500 nautical miles. And just like last year, Henkel is a co-sponsor of the event.

Henkel reports strong third quarter 

Sales increased by 3.8 percent to 3,260 million euros / Strong organic sales growth of 5.6 percent / Operating profit (EBIT) increased by 7.0 percent to 321 million euros / Net earnings for the quarter up 9.0 percent to 217 million euros

Innovation has always been the central focus 

Tradition and innovation are key Henkel values. 130 years ago, on September 26, 1876, Fritz Henkel set up a small laundry detergent factory in a backyard in Aachen. His start-up capital consisted above all of ideas that would make people's lives better and easier. Today, more than ever, Henkel's continued success is still based on its ability to produce a steady flow of innovations.

Henkel is the most sustainable consumer goods company 

Top ranking once again: As already in 2004, Henkel has taken first place as the company with the best sustainability and corporate responsibility performance in the consumer goods sector. This was the outcome of a survey conducted by the independent rating agency oekom research.

Henkel KGaA and EUCODIS GmbH sign collaboration agreement  

EUCODIS GmbH and Henkel KGaA announced today that they have signed a collaboration agreement. The collaboration will focus on developing a biocatalyst for Henkel's Laundry & Home Care business sector. EUCODIS will thereby apply its unique in vivo recombination technology. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Henkel builds on success in second quarter 

Sales grew 7.3 percent to 3,230 million euros / Further strong organic growth of 6.1 percent / Operating profit (EBIT): +21.2 percent to 359 million euros / Net earnings for the quarter: +23.4 percent to 248 million euros

Fantastic atmosphere at the Henkel Beach Volleyball Grand Slam in Paris 

The Henkel Beach Volleyball Grand Slam, one of three major sporting events held in Paris (the others are the French Open and the Tour de France) has just ended. The matches were played over six days and attracted more than 150,000 visitors. For the first time, Henkel was the title sponsor. On August 1 the digging and setting will continue in Klagenfurt, Austria. Henkel is sponsoring this Grand Slam, too.

Henkel Innovation Supports Development of Race Car 

With its numerous fast curves and overtaking opportunities, the Hockenheim circuit makes for a Grand Prix race as unpredictable as they come in Formula One racing. Behind the scenes, Henkel's products and technologies are helping Team McLaren Mercedes bring ever greater predictability and performance to a motorsport driven by constant change.

Two strong partners for Henkel's Laundry & Home Care brands  

From the end of this year, Henkel will be cooperating primarily with just two creative agencies worldwide in relation to the brands of its Laundry & Home Care business sector. By extensively concentrating on DDB and TBWA, Henkel intends to reduce complexity and enable accelerated implementation for enhanced efficiencies in the creative process.

Beach volleyball tournaments in Paris and Klagenfurt 

After its successful premiere last year, Henkel is again sponsoring two beach volleyball Grand Slam tournaments in 2006. Moreover, the manufacturer of brand-name products is stepping up its commitment and is the title sponsor of the Henkel Beach Volleyball Grand Slam tournament in Paris (July 25 to 30, 2006). Just a few days later the Company will be present at Klagenfurt for the second time, where the next tournament will be held from August 1 to 6.

Investor Relations Award for Financial Communications 

At the 2006 Investor Relations Awards organized by German business magazine Capital, Henkel came first in the category of DAX-listed companies. The consumer goods and technologies company thus improved its standing by one further position compared to the previous year. Lothar Steinebach, Executive Vice President Finance of Henkel KGaA, accepted the award at the ceremony held in Frankfurt on June 21.

Henkel Innovation Hits the Streets in F1 Road Race  

With its unforgiving twists and turns, the Monaco Grand Prix street course subjects Formula One race cars to stresses and strains far more extreme than even the best-built roadster could take. But the Team McLaren Mercedes MP4-21 is constructed to perform and endure using nearly 200 applications of products and technologies from Henkel, the market leading provider of the adhesives, sealants and surface treatments used in manufacturing today's road cars.

Henkel reports successful start 

Sales increase of 11.4 percent to 3.048 billion euros / Strong organic growth of 5.9 percent / Operating profit (EBIT): + 11.7 percent to 295 million euros / Net earnings for the quarter up 10.1 percent to 185 million euros

Henkel successfully concludes acquisition of deodorant brands in the USA 

The transaction signed in February enabling The Dial Corporation, a Henkel company, Scottsdale, AZ, USA to acquire several deodorant brands from The Gillette Company, a subsidiary of P&G, has now been consummated. Among these leading brands, which in 2005 generated sales of around 275 million US dollars, are Right Guard, Soft & Dri and Dry Idea.

Phenion to become center of competence for skin research 

After more than five years of successful research within the framework of a public-private partnership model between the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, six of its professors, and Henkel KGaA, Düsseldorf, Phenion GmbH & Co. KG is being expanded to become a leading center of competence for skin research. Phenion will be reinforced by members of Henkel's Skin Research department and will move to the Life Science Center situated at the Merowingerplatz in Düsseldorf.

Annual General Meeting of Henkel KGaA 

Today's Annual General Meeting of Henkel KGaA in Düsseldorf provided around 2000 shareholders with an overview of Henkel's performance in fiscal 2005.

Henkel acquires consumer adhesives company in Brazil 

Henkel has acquired Alba Adesivos, a consumer adhesives company based in Brazil, from Hexion Specialty Chemicals.

Henkel to sell business with sealants for insulating glass 

Henkel signed an agreement to sell its business with sealants for the manufacture of insulating glass to the American company H.B. Fuller.

Sustainability: Basis for business success 

Effective environmental protection and social responsibility are important foundations for business success. Henkel provides evidence of this in its most recent Sustainability Report, which was presented to the public today.

Henkel is a top sustainability performer 

Henkel has been chosen by a jury composed of analysts and fund managers to receive the "Sustainability Congress Award 2006" of the Verein zur Förderung des Sustainability Gedankens e.V., an association dedicated to the promotion of the sustainability ethos. This distinction is conferred upon companies whose entrepreneurial activities are characterized throughout by especially sustainable practices. The award was presented to Henkel on March 15, 2006, during the 2nd Sustainability Congress in Bonn.

Henkel has BEE investor group participate in its South African business 

Henkel has sold shares in its South African business to BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) investor Vuya Investments (Pty) Ltd. Through this action, Henkel is showing support for an official government program - in place since 2004 - geared toward enabling the black population of South Africa to participate more fully in their country's economic activity.

Henkel Continues to Play Key Role for Team McLaren Mercedes 

At the Bahrain Grand Prix, Team McLaren Mercedes unleashes its redesigned racing machine: the MP4-21. The team has revamped the next evolution of last year's fastest Formula One car with a new Mercedes-Benz V8 engine and completely redesigned 90 percent of the car's components - relying on Henkel products and technologies for the perfect blend of design flexibility, structural stability and aerodynamic efficiency.

Henkel to sell business with rubber-to-metal bonding products 

Henkel signed an agreement to sell its rubber-to-metal bonding chemicals business to US American Lord Corporation.

Henkel completes transaction for sale of Dial's Foods business  

The Dial Corporation, a company of the Henkel Group, completed the transaction to sell its Armour Foods business for 183 million US-Dollars to Pinnacle Foods. In fiscal 2005, sales of this business were about 230 million US-Dollars.

Henkel brings unique art back home 

There's a tightly-packed crowd on the Domplatte, the plaza in front of the Cologne Cathedral. This time it is not made up of tourists from all over the world, however, but of 1,000 sculptures, the "Trash People" which German artist HA Schult makes out of rubbish. After an unprecedented trip around the world, the fascinating Trash People are home again - in Cologne, where they were "born." Henkel is sponsoring this very special art event, which will be seen at the Cologne Cathedral from April 21 until May 1 under the title "Cologne People."

Henkel builds on success 

The Henkel Group generated sales and profits in fiscal 2005 markedly above the levels of the previous year. Sales rose by 13.0 percent and operating profit (EBIT) by 16.7 percent. All the Group's business sectors and regions contributed to this positive development. The proposal to the Annual General Meeting will be for an increase in dividends of 6 eurocents per share.

Henkel and Team McLaren Mercedes continue team work 

Henkel and Team McLaren Mercedes have signed a new multi-year sponsorship deal. Henkel thereby extends its partnership that began in 1995 through the Loctite brand. From this year the Henkel logo will be more visible on the rear wing of the MP4-21 race cars.

Henkel to acquire leading deodorant brands in the USA 

The Dial Corporation, a company of the Henkel Group, signed an agreement to acquire several well-known and successful body care brands from Procter & Gamble. Sales in 2005 of these brands amounted to about 275 million US dollars.

Henkel Strengthens Bonds in North America's Premier Motor Sport 

Continuing its sponsorship of the world's premier sports events, Henkel announced that Henkel of America, Inc. has extended its engagement in NASCAR stock car racing. In sponsoring North America's most popular racing sport, Henkel aims to create higher visibility for itself and its consumer products.

Henkel rewards for Olympic medals 

Düsseldorf/Turin - The Olympic Winter Games in Torino are dominating the world of sports these days. During the exciting athletic competitions for gold, silver and bronze, Henkel is there, too. Henkel Balti, a subsidiary of Henkel Central Eastern Europe (CEE), is one of the main sponsors of the Estonian biathlon team. Athletes from Estonia who place among the first ten receive special bonuses. If they win a medal, the bonus is increased correspondingly.

Four ideas have proven their market potential in millions 

To win the Fritz Henkel Award for Innovation a product idea must have two essential attributes: a convincingly innovative character and successful market performance. Four teams made up of researchers, technical specialists and marketing experts satisfied these exacting requirements last year. Albrecht Woeste, Chairman of the Shareholders' Committee and the Supervisory Board of Henkel KGaA, yesterday honored the winners of the 2005 competition.

Henkel Wins the Title! 

The most important international beach volleyball tournament in France has been given a new name: "Henkel Beach-Volleyball Grand Slam 2006". Compared to last year, the global manufacturer of brand name products has taken a giant leap forward. At that time, Henkel broke new ground with its very successful, first-time beach volleyball sponsorship. Now, Henkel is expanding its involvement in beach volleyball competition by becoming the title sponsor of this event. From July 25 - 30, 2006, these world-class matches will take place directly on the "Champ de Mars", a large public green space directly adjacent to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In addition to the title sponsorship in Paris, Henkel will continue to sponsor the Beach Volleyball Grand Slam tournament in Klagenfurt, Austria, demonstrating Henkel's solid commitment to this Olympic sport.

Henkel delivers strong 2005 

The Henkel Group's results for fiscal 2005 substantially exceeded the previous year's, with sales up 13.0 percent and comparable operating profit (EBIT) increasing 16.7 percent. Henkel's free cash flow also significantly improved to 684 million euros. The group financial statements have already been audited.

Hunting for the bestsellers of the future 

At this very moment, many scientists are working all around the world on 1500 future-oriented projects for Henkel, with objectives ranging from the improvement of existing branded products to the realization of complex new developments. Worldwide, more than 7000 patents and about 2000 registered designs protect the results of Henkel's R&D work. Even now, innovations are already safeguarding Henkel's technology leadership.

Henkel drafts in two global players 

From 2006, Henkel will be joining forces with two media agencies. By concentrating on OMD and Mediaedge:cia, the company will be able both to benefit from synergy effects and increase the cost-efficiency of its media budget.

Release of 2005 key financials 

Düsseldorf - Henkel will release the Group's 2005 key financials on February 2, 2006, 7:30 a.m.

Henkel at European Handball Championship 

Düsseldorf/Lucerne - After its successful debut at the World Handball Championship in Tunis, the Henkel Group will now be present at the 7th Men's European Handball Championship, in Switzerland. The top European teams will compete against each other from January 26 to February 5, 2006. While the 16 participating countries battle for the title, the Henkel brand will be impossible to overlook, as the slogans "Henkel - A Brand like a Friend" and "Quality from Henkel" will be an integral part of the event.

Henkel confers its "Research/Technology Invention Award" 

Henkel KGaA has selected five in-house research teams as winners of its "Research/Technology Invention Award". The accolades for outstanding scientific achievement have been conceived to honor, in particular, successful interdisciplinary research capable of providing Henkel with future potential for business development and/or cost reductions.

boot 2006: Henkel high-tech for extreme challenges 

Speedboat races at sea are many things: A challenge for technical innovations, a test of the strength of men and materials, and last but not least, a test of courage. Henkel sponsored the ocean adventure, the Rubson Raid Turquoise, along the Brazilian coast. One of the participating teams, from the Netherlands, will report on the experience at boot 2006. The crew will be present on the Yamaha stand in Hall 10 on Saturday, January 21.

Henkel brings top race to Düsseldorf 

Henkel's German Oaks, a top-category international flat race, will be held in Düsseldorf for the first time on June 4, 2006. The highlight of the "Internationaler Henkel-Renntag der Diana," it reinforces Henkel's involvement in flat racing and makes the "Henkel-Renntag" the leading German race meeting, alongside the German Derby in Hamburg.

31,220-euro donation for establishment of Marine Vocational Training Centre in Southeast India 

Düsseldorf ice hockey donation to build and equip Marine Vocational Training Centre in Ranganathapuram, India / Additional Henkel donation to purchase the site / Foundation stone blessed by Archbishop Anandarayar / Construction of the Marine Vocational Training Centre starts in spring of 2006

4th issue now published: Henkel Smile - think global, help local 
"Have you ever wondered why it is so good to see a smiling face?" asks Management Board member Kasper Rorsted in his editorial. He goes on to provide the answer himself: "We were born to smile, and smiling constitutes an important means of communication. It strengthens our emotional ties. And the Henkel Smile is a truly open and sincere symbol of the joy that we hope to spread through our various forms of involvement in society."  more...

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