04/16/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany


1:3 share split resolved


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Annual General Meeting of Henkel KGaA

Today’s Annual General Meeting of Henkel KGaA in Düsseldorf provided around 2000 shareholders with an overview of the development and performance of Henkel in fiscal 2006.

2006 was another successful year for Henkel. We again achieved profitable growth and significantly expanded our market positions,” said Ulrich Lehner, Chairman of the Management Board of Henkel KGaA. “We have our shareholders participate in this success with a dividend payout significantly above that of the previous year.”

Resolution on dividends
The Annual General Meeting approved a dividend of 1.44 euros per ordinary share and 1.50 euros per preferred share. These payouts are thus above the level of the previous year.

Authorization to purchase own shares
Once again, the Annual General Meeting authorized the personally liable partners to purchase the company’s own ordinary and/or preferred shares, subject to a maximum aggregate holding of ten percent of the company’s capital stock.

1:3 share split
The Annual General Meeting resolved to implement a 1:3 share split. The capital stock of the company is initially increased by around 64 million euros to about 438 million euros through the conversion of capital reserves without the issuance of new shares. The capital stock will then be redistributed with a tripling of the previous number of shares, i.e. each previous ordinary and preferred share is to be divided into three shares. There will be no dilution effect since shareholders’ property will remain unchanged. The share split will not result in any costs chargeable to shareholders.