01/17/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany


Head of Henkel Communications Appointed to US Institute for Public Relations


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Ernst Primosch on IPR Board of Trustees

As part of the internationalization process of the renowned US Institute for Public Relations (IPR), Ernst Primosch, Corporate Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications at Henkel, has been appointed to the IPR's Board of Trustees. In expressing his delight, Ernst Primosch went on to say: "Since the United States still play a leading role in communications worldwide, I consider this an excellent opportunity for both knowledge exchange and know how transfer to Europe."

Ernst Primosch is one of the few Europeans, and the first communications manager from a German-speaking country, to be appointed to the US Institute for Public Relations. The objective of this organization, founded in 1956, is to pass on essential communications fundamentals to practitioners, educators and educational institutes such as universities while also itself regularly considering new developments. The Institute for Public Relations counts among its members Tony Cervone of General Motors or Dr. Donald K. Wright of the University of Boston. In inviting international communications professionals to join its ranks, this renowned institute is both strengthening its international standing and adapting to the increasing influence of globalization that is being brought to bear on the PR industry.

Primosch has been with Henkel for 17 years. Born in Austria and aged 46, he has been responsible as Corporate Vice President for Henkel's communications worldwide since 2001. With the reorganization of Henkel's corporate communications and the corporate branding campaign launched in 2002 under the slogan "Henkel - A Brand like a Friend", Primosch has made a significant contribution to the global strengthening of the Henkel corporate brand.