03/15/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany


Two style icons join forces:


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Heidi Klum is the new face of Taft

For more than 50 years, Taft has stood for perfect styling plus hold and protection in any weather. For decades, the brand has played a definitive role in modernizing the image of women in German society. From the teased, wild hairdos of the emancipated women of the 1960s and 1970s to the businesslike look of today’s women, Taft is the styling brand that has always been in line with the times. In 2007, the styling market leader has decided to join forces with the style icon who has influenced the image of women in Germany more than almost anyone else: Heidi Klum.

“Hamburg, 8:30 a.m., rain again. Perfect hair − with Taft." The legendary advertising spot is an integral part of the Taft success story. For many years, Tammy Hopkins flew around the world for Taft, emerging from the airplane with every hair in place, and sparkling with the slogan, “my hairdo is still perfect” across the world’s TV screens. Taft has always known how to gracefully adapt to the changing image of women and the related hairstyling trends in its advertising. While the Taft woman played the role of the perfect housewife in the 1960s, in the 80s the Taft model was already jetting around the world as a business woman. The brand was a pioneer in doing so and played a significant role in modernizing the way the role of women is viewed in our society.

Today the styling brand has long since attained cult status. Varied product lines meet limitless styling wishes and individual needs for long-lasting, perfect styling results. In its advertising, too, Taft still represents the image of the modern woman. In 2007, the brand is enlisting the support of a woman who, in an exemplary way, has managed to meet the growing demands of life, combining job, family and beauty to veritable perfection.

No other supermodel embodies the image of today’s woman better than the German top model Heidi Klum. She is attractive, self-confident, and, with her three children, proves that it is possible to successfully combine career and family.

Heidi Klum’s success
The story of Heidi Klum is a true success story. Her career began in the early 1990s, when she won the “Model 92” contest. Then she quickly made her way to the top of the international scene – from Hamburg, Paris and Milan to Miami and New York. There Heidi Klum was admired again and again in the fashion and beauty scene, at international fashion shows, photo and film shoots, for her natural beauty and absolute versatility.

The name Heidi Klum has long since become a brand. Perfumes, shoe models, a fashion collection of her own, and many more products belong to her repertoire. As the moderator of the selection of groups for the 2006 Soccer World Cup and with her own TV show, “Germany’s Next Top Model,” she has also made a lasting mark on television. In brief: She is a German style icon of the 21st century and thus a role model for many women.

A perfect couple: This would be the best way to describe the new relationship between Taft and Heidi Klum. Both have played a decisive part in changing the image of women in our society to that of the modern, successful, and self-confident woman who can master life with all of its varied facets. A perfect combination, Taft and Heidi Klum will be working together in the future for beauty, success and competence – perfectly styled and with guaranteed success.