12/12/2007, Düseldorf / Germany


Henkel’s “Career and Family Audit” certificate renewed


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Henkel confirmed as a family-friendly company

Once again, Henkel’s family-aware personnel policy has been validated with the award of a “Career and Family Audit” certificate issued by the German charitable foundation Hertie-Stiftung. The review, conducted under the auspices of Federal Minister for Family Affairs Dr. Ursula von der Leyen, is a management instrument introduced to encourage the continuous improvement and promotion of a family-aligned corporate policy. Since its inception, it has developed into a “seal of quality” for an empathetic HR management approach. For many years now, Henkel has been offering its employees various ways and means for reconciling their work, career and family obligations, and the company has already received a number of additional awards for its commitment in this regard.

The reconciliation of employee work and family obligations is an issue which every successful company has needed to effectively tackle. For many years, Henkel has been regarded as a leading light in this domain, a reputation that has been reaffirmed with the award by the German charitable foundation Hertie-Stiftung of its “audit berufundfamilie” [Career and Family Audit] certificate for the second time.

“The reconciliation of personal life planning and the demands of work constitutes a highly topical socio-political issue. Employees who are motivated, talented and willing to learn form the basis of our success, yet we know that we can only utilize the skills and capabilities of our people to optimum effect if we help them to master the challenges that arise from their obligations to their work and their family,” explains Anke Meier, Global Diversity Manager at Henkel. Shortly after Henkel received the basic “audit berufundfamilie” certificate for the first time in 2005, the preparations were put in place for the re-audit that has now been completed. In workshops, Henkel collaborated with external auditors of Hertie-Stiftung in order to identify objectives and measures for an even more family-aware personnel policy. The implementation of this policy was then thoroughly documented and evaluated. “The re-audit demonstrates that we are on the right track with both our policy and our commitment,” comments Anke Meier further.

Family-friendly approach
For many years, Henkel has been supporting its employees in their efforts to achieve an effective work-life balance. The Henkel-internal working committee “Family and Career” has instigated a number of pilot projects in order to find solutions for creating more flexible working time models and for facilitating the care and support of family dependants. Therefore the establishment of, for example, the External Family Service. This offers parents individual advice and assistance in their search for childcare, putting them in touch with child-minders and nannies. The range of support available for children has, over the last few years, been significantly increased and adapted to the needs of employees. The Gerda Henkel Children’s Day Care Center in Düsseldorf, which offers crèche facilities for children from the age of four months, has been in existence since 1940. Now, Henkel is in the process of establishing an additional children’s day care center in cooperation with the City of Düsseldorf, and through this is substantially extending the level of support available for, in particular, children under three years of age. Employees using the parental part-time working scheme have the possibility of furthering their qualifications by taking courses provided via the Internet. Moreover, Henkel is endeavoring to increase the number of “parental employees” working in the scheme who can step in as holiday and sickness replacements. Offering an extensive range of advice and assistance, the Social Services department likewise supports Henkel employees in coping with difficult life situations – such as when elderly parents require increasing amounts of care.

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