09/09/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany


Fabian Hambüchen shines at World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Stuttgart


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Henkel Congratulates Fabian Hambüchen

The World Artistic Gymnastics Championships were a major success for the German team. On Thursday, the gymnasts led by head coach Andreas Hirsch already surprisingly won the bronze medal, and thus qualified to compete in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Fabian Hambüchen, the star athlete of the German team, took second place in the All-Around Final, and won the gold medal in the singles event for the high bar, his most favored gymnastic apparatus. Since 2004, Henkel has served as the main sponsor of Fabian Hambüchen, and is proud to be able to support this successful young athlete on his way to the 2008 Olympic Games.

Fabian Hambüchen is both successful in singles events and as a professional team player. On Thursday, the German team already won the bronze medal, ensuring a spot in the team competition for all gymnastic apparatus at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Fabian Hambüchen’s outstanding performance on the high bar represented a major contribution to the unexpected success of the German team. He prevailed against tough competition to take second place in the Individual All-Around Final. One of the highlights of the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, particularly for German fans, was his performance on the high bar. In his favorite gymnastics discipline, the young shooting star succeeded in leaving other international athletes far behind. With 16,250 points, he won the gold medal by a clear margin.  

Henkel, the main sponsor since the year 2004, warmly congratulates Fabian Hambüchen and the German team on this impressive success, and is proud to continue its support for this exceptionally talented gymnast.

Similarly, a commitment to the well-being of society is firmly embedded in the corporate values and history of Henkel. Henkel assumes responsibility for its products, technologies and social environment. For this reason, it has been supporting initiatives in schools as well as in the fields of education, youth and amateur sports, art, culture, health and science for decades.