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Multicore® LF600 Lead-Free Solder Paste


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Maximum Manufacturing Flexibility from Henkel

Addressing the needs of global manufacturing, Henkel has introduced an advanced lead-free solder paste material designed for manufacturing flexibility and superior performance regardless of regional climatic conditions.

Multicore® LF600 is a halide-free and no-clean lead-free solder paste, which has been formulated for excellent humidity resistance and is ideal for varying manufacturing climates. It enables multi-national firms to qualify and deploy the material globally with the guarantee of consistent results. These characteristics allow for superior printing and reflow performance even in regions where temperatures are upwards of 30°C (86°F) with 80 percent relative humidity.

The unique formulation of Multicore LF600 utilizes a new activator chemistry which combines excellent coalescence with ultra-low voiding to deliver excellent long-term, in-field reliability results.  In addition, the material has been designed with an innovative gelling technology that enables zero hot slump and, therefore, eliminates any issues with mid-chip solder beading.

"Unlike other lead-free solder materials which may deliver a few desired characteristics such as low voiding or a wide process window, Multicore LF600 effectively provides manufacturers with a veritable 'best of the best' scenario," states Tilo Weiss, Regional Business Director of Henkel Adhesives Technologies for Electronics in Asia-Pacific. "Manufacturers want it all and with Multicore LF600, they get it all - long open and abandon times, a wide process window, excellent humidity resistance, ultra-low voiding, zero hot slump, outstanding long-term reliability and more."

In addition to its performance advantages, Multicore LF600’s easy to use characteristics translate into tremendous process efficiency and manufacturing flexibility. The material's highly stable solvent system delivers an unequalled open time of 24 hours and an abandon time of four hours, eliminating material waste, and enabling continuous cycling for up to 24 hours with no degradation in print quality. A very broad process window for both reflow and printing, as well as superior solderability over a wide range of reflow profiles, in both air and nitrogen, gives assemblers a multitude of options from which to choose.

Multicore LF600 lead-free solder paste is available for stencil printing down to 0.4mm pitch QFP and 0.4mm CSP devices and is highly effective on a wide range of surface finishes including Ni/Au, Immersion Sn, Immersion Ag and OSP Copper.

About the electronics business of Henkel
Henkel is one of the world’s leading and most progressive providers of qualified, compatible material sets for semiconductor packaging, board level assembly and advanced soldering solutions. Through its Hysol, Loctite and Multicore brands, and its global customer support infrastructure, the electronics group of Henkel delivers world-class materials products, process expertise and total solutions across the board to enable tomorrow’s electronics industry.

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