07/19/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany, Los Angeles / USA


Henkels garners awards in US communication competition


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Name Ernst Primosch
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Name Lars Witteck
  Head External Communications
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Name Wulf Klüppelholz
  Corporate Communications, Financial Communications
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Platinum for Henkel’s 2006 Annual Report

The 2006 Henkel Annual Report was actually the recipient of two accolades in the LACP Vision Awards Annual Report Competition. With platinum, the League of American Communication Professionals put the report in first place in the “Household & Personal” category, and in the special “Best Report Cover” rankings, it won silver.

At this year’s LACP print, video and web communications competition, Henkel garnered two 2006 Vision Awards. Taking first place in the “Household & Personal” category, the Henkel Annual Report received a platinum award, placing the company ahead of names such as Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark und Unilever. And in the special “Best Report Cover” rankings, the publication took silver.

Around 2,500 entries from 21 countries were submitted and assessed. The jury of international communication experts gave the Henkel Annual Report a score of 97 out of a possible 100 points.  Aside from the presentation of the financial information and clarity of the core messages, narrative readability, information accessibility and first impression also count as important evaluation criteria applied by the LACP, as do design creativity and layout. With this result, Henkel also took 28th place among the “Top 100 Annual Reports of 2006”.

“This award provides proof positive that Henkel communicates with its shareholders at the highest level of excellence. And we intend to make sure that the quality of our Annual Report continues to be worthy of such recognition,” commented Ernst Primosch, Corporate Vice President and Head of Corporate Communications at Henkel.

The LACP Vision Award is a renowned accolade in international financial reporting. The full 2006 results can be found at www.lacp.com.

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