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Schwarzkopf & Henkel: Carry-on travel sets

Flying could be so simple – if it weren’t for the new EU regulations for carry-on bags. Since November 2006, only liquid products with a maximum volume of 100 ml are allowed to be carried aboard flights in the EU. Private travelers, but also those on business trips, often become aware of this information too late, and expensive cosmetics have to be dumped in the trash at check-in. But this need not be a worry anymore. Schwarzkopf & Henkel now offer practical Compact Travel Sets for women and men that contain of all the important care and styling products in mini sizes – the take-care-of-everything travel pack.

Last year, to make flying safer, the EU introduced regulations according to which, for all flights within Europe, only containers with a maximum of 100 ml of liquid can be taken aboard in carry-on bags. Moreover, the containers must be carried in a transparent plastic bag whose total volume may not be more than one liter. Besides to beverages, numerous cosmetics also fall under this ruling: Styling gel, hairspray, shampoo, deodorant spray, shower gel, shaving gel, after-shave and toothpaste, for example, immediately fall under these security regulations.

Schwarzkopf & Henkel already offers a large portfolio of products in practical travel sizes that are perfect for air travel. As of now, however, there are also mini sizes in the practical, transparent Compact Travel Sets that include coordinated products for women or for men. They offer an entire repertoire of care and styling products and put all of the important cosmetics together in a single bag. For business and private travelers, these sets are the perfect travel companion. The Compact Travel Set for women contains a deodorant spray (50 ml) and a shower gel (50 ml) from Fa Yoghurt Aloe Vera, Taft Ultra Hold hair lacquer (50 ml), and Gliss Repair Shampoo (50 ml). The Theramed 2in1 original toothpaste (15 ml) and the Diadermine cleansing milk (30 ml) complete the set as the ideal care-givers.
The Compact Travel Set for men consists of a deodorant spray (50 ml), shower gel (100 ml), and shaving gel (70 ml) from Fa for Men Kick Off and the Fa for Men Speedster Aftershave (30 ml). Fresh breath is assured by Theramed 2in1 3D Clean (15 ml). The Taft Styling Gel Ultra Hold (30 ml) gives the hair power and hold and completes the masculine version of the Compact Travel Sets from Schwarzkopf & Henkel.

The Compact Travel Sets for women and men have bee available in stores since March for approximately 6.99 euros each.