06/19/2007, Düsseldorf / Germany, Paris / France


Top-class sport meets Henkel’s world of brands in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower


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Sport and joie de vivre with Henkel in Paris

After the serves, returns and volleys of the French Open tennis tournament at Roland Garros, Paris is playing host to another major sporting event from June 18, 2007 – with Henkel appearing as title sponsor for the second year running. At the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the best beach volleyball players in the world will be digging, setting, spiking and blocking as they compete not just for positions, prize money and medals but also important ranking points for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Hence this year’s tournament has attracted more than 60 teams from 40 countries.

With summer in full swing and a sunny atmosphere abounding in every sense, the 2007 Paris Beach Volleyball Grand Slam has at last arrived, involving a total of 64 teams – 32 men’s and 32 women’s – from 40 nations vying for victory. Following a successful première last year, Henkel is again headlining the event as its title sponsor. The tournament sees the best teams in the world meeting head to head in the French capital, with the winners due to be crowned on June 24.

In addition to Paris, Henkel has also long been a sponsor of the Grand Slam tournament in Austria’s Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee, which is again scheduled for the beginning of August this year.

As title sponsor, Henkel – this year celebrating its 40th anniversary of operations in France – will be a prominent presence on the hoardings, flags and banners adorning the venue. Moreover, of the 60 brands with which Henkel is represented in the French market, the company is showcasing, among others, Fa, Diadermine, Pattex, Pritt, Schwarzkopf Professional and Bref with some eye-catching campaigning. A magician will be on view performing tricks with Pritt brand products, and visitors will also be able to test their balancing skills in a “Bref-type” surfing competition. There is room in the arena on the Champ de Mars site for 6,500 spectators per game, all of whom will be able to enjoy the spectacle of world-class beach volleyball free of charge.

The compliment of around 250 beach volleyballers will be playing on 2,000 metric tons of specially shipped sand – not just for the prize money of 600,000 dollars but also for valuable ranking points that go toward qualification for the 2008 Olympic Games. For the best 24 male and female teams of these true athletes can expect to book themselves a place in the Beijing showcase of this discipline, which gained its Olympic credentials in 1996.

Henkel sponsors top sporting events and sports teams throughout the world. These include the World Ice Hockey Championship in Russia, the finals of which took place in April this year, and also the World Handball Championship in Germany at the beginning of 2007. And in the elite class of motor sport, Formula One, Henkel is an official sponsor of and supplier to Team McLaren Mercedes.