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Henkel Smile provides immediate emergency relief


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Donation of 150,000 euros for Chinese earthquake victims

Henkel has earmarked assistance totaling 150,000 euros to help the victims of the recent, devastating earthquake in China. Working closely with the Henkel sites in China, the company is already in the process of channeling a large portion of this emergency aid in the form of monetary and product donations via the Henkel Friendship Initiative e.V. (HFI) to the people in the regions affected. Building on this immediate assistance, a further portion of the total is to be invested in the next few months in specific reconstruction projects. The HFI is an independent charitable association founded by Henkel together with its employees and retirees in order to provide immediate aid to people worldwide who fall victim of crises or catastrophes. It is one of the pillars supporting the Henkel Smile program. All the company’s social involvement activities beyond its business operations – internationally known as corporate citizenship – come together under the Henkel Smile umbrella.

Over the next few weeks, Henkel will be making a total of 150,000 euros available to the people living in the areas affected by the Chinese earthquake. Immediate aid is to be provided in the next few days. Initially, the Red Cross in China will be given 50,000 euros. Emergency funding and resources are currently having to be distributed via the Red Cross in China, as ordinary civilians are being held back from the disaster area. Aside from financial assistance, Henkel will also be donating items such as hygiene products, cleaning agents and construction materials to the value of 50,000 euros. Discussions as to which products are most required in what quantities are conducted directly between Henkel’s employees in China and the local Red Cross authorities.

Beyond this direct and immediate aid totaling 100,000 euros, Henkel will also be providing a further 50,000 euros over the next two months in order to support specific projects aligned to permanent reconstruction in Sichuan province. In order to be sure that the donations arrive at their destination, Henkel is able to rely on its own employees in China who will be in direct contact with the Red Cross and will thus be able to ensure that the monies and materials are directed through the right channels.

Through the independent charitable association “Henkel Friendship Initiative e.V.”, Henkel Smile provides emergency aid worldwide for people in need, and specifically those who have been afflicted by crisis or catastrophe. Henkel Smile provides the roof under which the company pursues its corporate social responsibilities extending beyond its direct business operations. The three pillars supporting this roof are the MIT (Make in Impact on Tomorrow – the vehicle for employee and retiree volunteering work), HFI (immediate emergency aid) and Social Partnerships as a platform for corporate and product brand-based involvement. The activities of Henkel Smile derive from the Vision and Values of the company. The areas promoted by Henkel Smile read as: Social Welfare, Education and Science, Movement and Health, Art and Culture, and Ecology. Henkel Smile hence also makes numerous contributions to attainment of the eight Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations.

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