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Henkel accompanies Dakar Rally to South America

Over the past four years, Henkel’s power brands have supplied proof of their capability to win - and keep - the Dakar Rally competitors' confidence. January 2009, when drivers have to conquer Argentine plains, Chilean desert and the Andes Mountains, the company will again be Official Supplier of Loctite® and Pattex products for fast and efficient repairs.

The driest desert on earth, the world’s longest exposed mountain range – Dakar 2009 is full of superlatives demanding exceptionally skilled drivers as well as vehicles and technical equipment able to meet even the toughest requirements. On January 3, 2009 the starting signal for probably the most sensational rally event will be given in Buenos Aires and Henkel will be at the starting line for the fourth time in a row. Selected products from the Loctite® and Pattex brands will prove their ability to withstand the most extreme conditions. Know-how from Henkel ensures that more than 500 competitors from about 50 nations won’t be delayed by a loose bolt, worn bearing, leaking seal, broken windshield or any other unexpected incident when traveling the plains of Patagonia, crossing the Atacama Desert and passing the Andes Mountains.

In the Dakar Rally 2009 Henkel's Official Supplier status reflects its competencies as a leading supplier of industrial adhesives and sealants, pushing the limits further in pursuit of reliability, performance and innovation. “As an ideal testing arena also for new product developments, the rally has confirmed the superior quality of our products even under the most extreme racing conditions,” says Isabelle Feix, Marketing Communications Loctite. “Many products have earned their ‘Dakar-proven’ stamp of approval in the four previous events.”

A true service to the competitors
Over the years, the Henkel service specialists accompanying the rally have established a strong relation of mutual trust and understanding with the competitors, built on the competent assistance and the high-quality products offered for fast and efficient repairs which have helped many drivers make it to the finish line. They are known as the "Henkel-Charlies" to most of the drivers and even more so to their mechanics. This year a team of four will head for South America to support the competitors with hands-on expertise for emergency repairs and overnight maintenance work in the bivouacs, travelling with the rally all the way from start to finish in Buenos Aires. The "Charlies" will be joined by photojournalist Stefano Levi, reporting every day live from the bivouacs and from the track that can be found at: www.dakaradventure.com.

Expect the unexpected in a landscape of extremes
In a loop of about 9000 kilometers, the route will start and finish in Buenos Aires. It takes competitors through Argentina and Chile with breathtaking landscapes of incredible diversity, with extremes of heat and dryness, cold and altitude that impose huge demands on man and material. The plains of Patagonia, the Atacama Desert or the passage through the Andes mountains in the midst of the South American summer, will constitute an ideal field to witness the endurance qualities of the teams. Technicians and engineers, too, will be put to the test in terms of vehicle set-up and maintenance. Rising up to the challenge, Henkel is making a vital contribution to help drivers cope with the enormous stresses placed on the cars, bikes and trucks during the event.
Off to discover a new continent, the Dakar Rally receives extensive international media coverage by radio and TV stations around the world and will be broadcast in 180 countries. The event captures the interest of a huge public. Feix: “Many of them are motor sport enthusiasts and technology freaks - precisely the key group of Loctite® and Teroson product users.”

Ideal partners for rally competitors
Where things get really tough and you must prove your capability to deliver performance, products from the Henkel portfolio have proved to be ideal partners for rally competitors. Loctite® anaerobic threadlockers are a good example for those small yet very important items that can make the difference between victory and defeat, as they perform reliably where mechanical devices fail. Broken windscreens occur frequently while cars and trucks race through rugged terrain, so drivers have come to rely on Teroson direct glazing sealants which achieve extremely fast drive-away times - a must for a quick replacement allowing them to continue the race in good time. Plastic parts, often badly cracked, punched and broken during the race, can be restored quickly and reliably using Teroson Plastic Repair products. The Pattex Power Tape repairs, secures, holds and seals, making it an indispensable ally, versatile, waterproof and invaluable to have along.

Henkel - A Driving Force in the Racing World
Around the world, Henkel has an extensive commitment to motor sports where reliable performance must be delivered in the most extreme conditions. As Official Partner and Supplier to the Dakar Rally for several years, Henkel has supported the competing teams with products that reflect the company’s dedication to innovation, performance and perfection. The driving force behind the success of this relationship lies with the implementation of Henkel's cutting-edge technology, and the never-ending quest to confirm the superior quality of Henkel products even under the most extreme racing conditions.

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