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Henkel official partner of Expo Zaragoza


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Participation in Expo 2008 underlines commitment to protecting water resources

The doors of the world exhibition in Zaragoza, northern Spain, remain open until September 14, 2008. Henkel is an official sponsor of Expo 2008, the theme of which is “Water and Sustainable Development”.

Wipp Express, Henkel’s laundry care brand in Spain, is also the official detergent for the event and will be used to wash the clothes of the Expo employees during the coming three months. Henkel’s participation at Expo 2008 serves to underline the responsibility felt by the company for reducing water consumption and avoiding wastewater contamination. Over the last ten years, the company has succeeded in reducing by half its rate of water consumption per ton of production output. And its many product innovations also make a major contribution to the protection and conservation of water as a resource.

Henkel has always been committed both to the quality of its brands and to sustainable development, as once again underscored by its participation in the 2008 World Exposition. Henkel is an official sponsor of this mega exhibition, which is being held in Zaragoza. The theme of Expo 2008 – “Water and Sustainable Development” – goes right to the heart of the company’s business credo. Consequently, as the only German corporation to sponsor Expo 2008, Henkel is actively promoting awareness of and responsibility for water.

The company’s approach in its use of water and avoidance of wastewater in production is always aligned to achieving maximum resource efficiency. Within the last ten years, Henkel has been able to reduce its water consumption per ton of production output by 48 percent. Not satisfied with this improvement, the company has now set its sights on reducing water usage by another 10 percent over the next five years.

Under the slogan “Quality and Responsibility”, Henkel launched an all-encompassing, global quality and sustainability initiative at the beginning of the year. As a consequence, all Henkel’s detergents and household cleaners are being aligned to the requirement of combining outstanding product performance with responsibility for people and the environment. “In focusing on the executional excellence of our brands together with their environmental compatibility – ‘Performance based on Sustainability’ – we see enormous potential for driving forward the development of further innovative products,” explains Christian-André Weinberger, corporate senior vice president with worldwide strategic responsibility for Henkel’s laundry and home care products. “The Henkel concept entails optimizing all our brands and technologies in three phases: with respect to the raw materials employed; in production; and in the usage of the product.” That means, for example, targeting savings in water and energy usage not only in production but also in consumption. Hence advanced detergents and household cleaners from Henkel are able to develop their full power and performance even at low temperatures. Further essential ingredients of this concept include, of course, increased usage of renewable raw materials and of recycled materials for product packaging, plus the provision of accurate dosing and metering aids. Weinberger again: “A primary prerequisite for success in this endeavor is that individuals behave in a responsible manner and, in their purchasing decisions, choose the higher-performing, more sustainable solution and that they then use the product correctly.”

Further examples for reduced water consumption
Good user tolerance and consumer safety are the two primary requirements that have to be met by cosmetics and body care products. Consumers also want a good lather with their soaps. Until now, a significant volume of water was necessary in order to produce this foam effect. But now, Henkel has developed a special pump for its Fa Soft Foam brand of hand soap which generates a gentle and creamy lather as the liquid is dispensed – without the need for added water. So water usage for hand washing is automatically lowered.

At its Adhesives Technologies business sector, Henkel has developed a nano-ceramic metal pretreatment technology for industry in the form of Bonderite NT. This coating product offers the best possible anti-corrosion protection and, while producing the same qualitative results, is far superior in both ecological and economic terms to conventional processes. Aside from reducing energy consumption by up to 30 percent during preparation and application, Bonderite NT can also decrease water consumption by 10 percent. Moreover, there are no water-contaminating heavy metal emissions, so the costs for wastewater treatment and disposal are also reduced.

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