04/02/2008, Düsseldorf / Germany


A huge leap in metal coating


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TecTalis – Henkel redefines metal pre-treatment

Henkel announces the launch of a new conversion coating process called TecTalis. This breakthrough multi-metal pre-treatment technology replaces Zinc Phosphate by offering significantly reduced process cost and environmental footprint. TecTalis has been enthusiastically received by the automotive and durable goods industry.

Zinc-phosphating has been the industry standard for decades. This technology offers enormous advantages such as superior corrosion resistance and paint adhesion. However, zinc phosphate technology has been challenged by increased demands for environmental performance and process efficiencies. As the industry leader for metal pretreatment Henkel has responded with the development of TecTalis. “TecTalis was designed to meet the performance standards of our premium Bonderite brand while significantly advancing the process and its overall sustainability”, said Attilio Gatti, Corporate Senior Vice President Technologies Marketing & Product Development Henkel.

In addition the new technology is easily applicable in existing lines. TecTalis decreases labour cost drivers such as handling, analytics and maintenance. Indirect costs, like energy, disposal or water consumption are also reduced. The process operates at room temperature and generates virtually no sludge. It is free of phosphate, VOC, CO2 and equivalent emissions. Profitability can be maximized by increased throughput, faster cycle times and reduced footprint.

Ford Motor Company and Kögel have been using this process since the beginning of 2008. “We are very pleased with the results we are achieving since the beginning”, said Stefan Oberdörfer, Head of Marketing and Sales Services Kögel. “TecTalis is a tremendous help to optimize our operation conditions while assuring constant quality of our products.”