Collection of useful Links for further research

We recommend the following Henkel and external internet sites as sources for further research on the Henkel Innovation Challenge and its related themes. A short explanation provides more information on what can be found at each link.

Henkel Innovation Challenge

Comprehensive information on the Henkel Innovation Challenge: registration, terms and conditions, prizes and tips.

Forums and Communities

There is a Henkel Innovation Challenge group available on the social networking platform Facebook. Users can register without charge and share their experiences within this group.

Always up to date: News clips on the latest developments in the Henkel Innovation Challenge will be posted to Twitter at

For research related to innovation competitions, YouTube, the online video portal, has a wide selection of entries listed.


The working environment and career opportunities at Henkel: insights into a typical working day, the corporate culture and more.

  Careers at Henkel

In addition to internships, Henkel offers students the opportunity to write their final thesis as a case study based on actual practice in the company.

  Students at Henkel
The Dr. Jost Henkel Foundation offers scholarships for students.   Dr. Jost Henkel Foundation

Henkel Innovation Challenge Website
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