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For further research on the subject of diversity at Henkel, we recommend the following internet pages. A brief explanation is provided indicating what you are likely to find behind each link.


‘Diversity & Inclusion’ for Henkel means a ‘multiplicity of people types within the company’ – and it is an important barometer for our corporate success. 

  Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity Blog promotes the exchange among Henkel employees and Diversity & Inclusion (future) experts. For example, there is given information on the projects of the international team of Diversity Ambassadors.

Corporate Culture and employees

Henkel is characterized by a corporate culture that has grown over the year as and become firmly established in its own right. Its importance to the creation of an innovative working climate and the embracement of internationality cannot be overstated.

  Corporate Culture

Henkel and our employees are aligned to the vision and values of the company – a unified system of principles that links around 47,000 employees of all cultures.

  Vision & Values

Derived from the vision and our common values are behavioral rules that Henkel has established in a number of codes.

  Our Codes

Applicant information relating to Henkel’s corporate culture, talent management and more.

  Why Henkel?

Social Involvement

Social involvement is firmly anchored in Henkel’s corporate history. It is one of the factors influencing our daily actions and attitudes.


In January 2011, Henkel established the Fritz Henkel Foundation. In the future, the foundation will serve as the umbrella for our social engagement. The mission of the foundation comprises support for volunteer work on the part of Henkel employees, international disaster aid, and corporate and brand engagement.

  Social Engagement – Corporate Citizenship

Comprehensive information on health, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility at Henkel.

  Sustainability at Henkel

External Links

Diversity charter: Companies commit to diversity, fairness and respect.

The corporate-based program ‘Family as a Factor for Success’ supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, leading German trade and industry associations, and the confederation of German trade unions DGB.

The Work and Family Audit Certificate awarded by the charity Hertie-Stiftung is a recognized mark of quality indicating the presence of family-aware personnel policy.

European Women’s Management Development International Network (EWMD): European network for women in management positions.

„Catalyst“ is an international network, which focuses on women in leadership positions.Current research topics as well as upcoming events are available on its website.

The website „European Diversity“ provides a broad range of important definitions and characteristics of Diversity as well as milestones on the topic.

Henkel Diversity Blog