Collection of Links with Comments

For your further information, we have compiled a list of websites – with short descriptions of their content.

Employer Branding

Our careers pages contain everything you need to know about joining Henkel – as a high-school graduate, student or manager.

  Careers at Henkel

The international innovation competition for students offers an opportunity to get in contact with Henkel managers.

  Henkel Innovation Challenge

At Henkel, diversity is synonymous with the company’s international workforce – and an important element of the corporate culture. Among other measures, Henkel promotes the compatibility of career and family life as well as continuing professional development.


Henkel is characterized by a corporate culture that has grown over the year as and become firmly established in its own right. Its importance to the creation of an innovative working climate and the embracement of internationality cannot be overstated.

  Corporate Culture

Henkel and our employees are aligned to the vision and values of the company – a unified system of principles that links around 47,000 employees of all cultures.

  Vision & Values