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Benefiting from diversity: the different methods of thinking and working applied by employees of various nationalities, the different genders and age groups make a significant contribution to economic success. At Henkel, diversity and inclusion are firmly anchored in our corporate culture. This dossier offers you information about all aspects of our Diversity Management. Download a selection of the materials relating to the subject of diversity as Zip archive or assemble your materials on an individual basis.

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Profile: Diversity & Inclusion

‘Diversity & Inclusion’ for Henkel means a ‘multiplicity of people types within the company’ – and it is an important barometer for our corporate success.

Original Recordings and Interviews

Henkel managers explain why "Diversity & Inclusion" plays an important part at Henkel.


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Impressions relating to the subject of diversity & inclusion at Henkel.



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Press-Dossier from November 2008
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