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Talking about the employer branding campaign, our HR managers explain how Henkel is strengthening its profile as a preferred employer.

“It’s not my work – it’s my passion” – Interview with Jens Plinke, Employer Branding Manager

Why has Henkel developed the new employer branding campaign?
The employer branding campaign, which applies consistently around the world, is an important element of measures designed to address young, talented individuals early on and attract them to and retain them at Henkel. In addition to Germany, we are also looking for staff elsewhere, especially in the growth regions. And it’s in these countries in particular, where Henkel is not so well known as a company, that we want to be seen as the preferred employer, the number one choice. Moreover, the relaunch of the employer branding campaign is a key component of the new corporate design that Henkel has introduced in conjunction with the new claim “Henkel – Excellence is our Passion”.

What is the message of the new employer branding campaign?
The campaign positions Henkel as the world’s leading branded goods and technology company that, with a workforce from 110 different nations, offers a highly international and challenging working environment. We are using the new employer branding campaign to communicate internally and externally what is special about Henkel and what opportunities our company offers. However, it’s not only a case of attracting the best people to Henkel; it’s also about retaining existing staff and strengthening their loyalty – and their emotional attachment – to Henkel. As far as we’re concerned, employer branding does not solely have an outward focus.

How is that communicated by the employer campaign?
The campaign positions Henkel as the employer of first choice offering exactly what talented individuals want: international career opportunities and an environment that encourages staff development. The campaign explains who we are and who we’re looking for: creative minds who question even existing solutions, who show dedication and passion and who relish the thrill of tackling new challenges each day. And who can better convey this committed approach than actual Henkel people? That’s why we’re deliberately using a testimonial campaign in which Henkel employees with maximum credibility recount their individual career histories. They talk about what motivates them, why they enjoy going to work every day. Attention-grabbing headlines are used to illustrate with humor and self-confidence what defines a career at Henkel: the thrill of facing new challenges every day, the variety of tasks and the aspiration to achieve excellence time and again.

When producing the campaign, we ensured the highest standard of professionalism in everything from image analysis using the ‘Limbic Map’ neuro-marketing tool to the campaign visuals. Behind the camera were celebrity photographer Gabriele Oestreich-Trivellini, also known as GABO, and the well-known German film director Clarissa Ruge. What’s really highly innovative is how we link the various tools with one another. For the first time, the online advertisements will include a direct link to the testimonial video – thereby using multimedia technology to give life to the campaign.

How are the new images and videos used?
The launch of the new campaign is accompanied internally by a raft of communications measures – from reports in the employee newspaper and the intranet to the presentation of the campaign during the worldwide Management Meeting. In this way, we’re drawing attention to the new campaign internally, and our own employees are systematically involved as brand ambassadors in our employer branding. We’ll then use the main social media channels to address the target group of students and university graduates, who are conversant with Web 2.0. We’re also planning to use QR codes and additional viral marketing measures. And we’ll naturally make use of classic promotional tools, too – posters, campus fairs, and printed image ads in selected media, for example.


Statement from Jessica Thiel, responsible for talent management at Henkel

“Henkel wants the most talented people – and, of course, wants to ensure that they stay with us. Who can confirm more effectively than our own employees that Henkel is an exciting and innovative company? The employer branding campaign is designed to show what we’re all about and, in so doing, communicate the message behind our claim: always striving for excellence.”