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Stains on the world map 

Chili sauce in Mexico, beetroot soup in Poland – while tastes may differ, many of the world’s favorite foods produce similarly stubborn stains. So Henkel’s researchers are kept constantly busy in their endeavors to develop specialty laundry detergent formulations capable of combating such soiling.

Calling all inventors 

This is an important message for all those inventors, boffins and creative minds out there – Henkel would like to know all about your patented or patent-pending concepts or inventions. With the Henkel Innovation Partnership Program, the company is hoping to make direct contact with independent inventors and encourage them to submit their ideas.

Birgit Ziesche
Birgit Ziesche to head Internal Communications at Henkel 

Effective February 1, 2011, Birgit Ziesche, 43, will assume the position of Global Head of Internal Communications at Henkel. In this function she will report directly to Carsten Tilger, Corporate Senior Vice President Corporate Communications. Ziesche will succeed Katrin Latki, who is currently heading Internal Communications on an interim basis and will continue to be part of the Internal Communications team.

Jan-Dirk Auris to succeed Thomas Geitner at Henkel Management Board 

Thomas Geitner (55), Executive Vice President Adhesive Technologies and member of the Management Board, will resign from office effective December 31, 2010 for personal reasons. Jan-Dirk Auris (42), currently Senior Vice President Adhesive Technologies as well as President of Henkel in the Asia-Pacific region, has been appointed as his successor effective January 1, 2011.

Schwarzkopf Professional starts social initiative 

In November 2010 Schwarzkopf Professional started the new social initiative “Shaping Futures”. This program is a new worldwide charity initiative that sees Schwarzkopf Professional partnering with leading non-profit organisation SOS Children’s Villages and volunteer hairdressers, in order to introduce disadvantaged youth to the craft and livelihood potential of hairdressing. Shaping Futures is centred on a “partner country” concept and started in two countries on the world’s poorest continents: Peru and India. In this first round 16 volunteers introduced more than 60 young people into the hairdressing profession.

Innovative labeling adhesives with no limitations 

With its Optal XP product series, Henkel has developed a completely new generation of synthetic adhesives for glass bottle labeling that offers an excellent performance spectrum.

Loctite brings advanced technology to consumers 

Loctite is a brand with a vast industrial expertise that tailors the most advanced formulas also for consumers’ needs. Best example is the new PowerFlex Control that offers the most advanced superglue formula in the most advanced dispenser.

Loctite – a success story 

For over 50 years, Loctite has provided customers and consumers with advanced adhesive and sealing solutions. With over 5,000 patents, Loctite leads the adhesive category in the industry and it is superglue market leader for consumers.

Helping companies to act sustainably 

On November 26, the German Sustainability Award will be presented for the third time during the German Sustainability Conference in Düsseldorf. The aim of the award is to encourage and assist companies in pursuing sustainable policies and help anchor the principles of sustainable development more effectively in public awareness. As one of the winners of the first Sustainability Award, Henkel is supporting the event as a partner, and will itself be showcasing strategies for innovative sustainable consumption during the German Sustainability Conference.

Making climate-compatible consumption possible 

“Alternatives to abstinence?” This is the heading under which, on November 22, the “Platform for Climate-Compatible Consumption in Germany” will be presenting its latest study results at a symposium in Berlin. And Henkel will also be there. As one of the founding members of the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Pilot Project, the company is also involved in and committed to this follow-up initiative. Because making consumption more sustainable and climate-compatible counts among the core objectives of Henkel’s sustainability strategy.

Pattex takes the internet in-store 

October 2010 sees the quick response code celebrating its premiere at Pattex. The information concealed in the small black and white patterned square will help turn every consumer into a consummate adhesives professional – for the QR code enables immediate access to the product information and application advice available on the mobile Pattex website, giving instant guidance tailored to specific requirements, and ensuring optimum preparation for perfect bonding results.

CEO Kasper Rorsted: “2010 will be an important step to achieving our 2012 targets” 
  • Sales increase by 13.7 percent to 3,961 million euros
  • Organic sales growth of 6.5 percent
  • Share of sales of emerging markets: plus 3 percentage points to 42 percent
  • Adjusted operating profit: plus 27.0 percent to 517 million euros
  • Adjusted EBIT margin: plus 1.3 percentage points to 13.0 percent
  • Adjusted earnings per preferred share (EPS): plus 35.6 percent to 0.80 euros
Low-pressure injection molding with Macromelt hotmelt adhesives 

The use of hotmelts for encapsulating electronic components is on the advance in virtually all sectors of industry. The hotmelt molding process reliably protects components – even those without plastic shells – from environmental effects and facilitates rapid and reliable processing. At the exhibition electronica 2010, Henkel is presenting an extensive range of Macromelt hotmelts for the most varied requirements.

Original seal in record time 

Modern car bodies contain numerous joint seals that must be reapplied when a repair is made.  Through the use of the new sealants Terostat 9120 SuperFast & Terostat 9320 SuperFast 6in1, workshops can shorten this process considerably. In combination with the patented PowerLine II / flat and wide-stream nozzle application system, the seals can also be given a true OEM look. 

Schwarzkopf - Presenting Partner of Eurovision Song Contest 2011 

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) today announced Schwarzkopf as the Presenting Partner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf. The three shows, Semi-Finals on 10th and 12th of May and the Final on 14th of May 2011, will be televised live, hosted by the German public broadcaster NDR.

25 years of Henkel preferred shares 

For those who first subscribed to Henkel preferred shares in October 1985, there is no doubt that the investment has paid off handsomely, for since that time, those shares have increased more than eight-fold in value. After adding the dividend payouts of the intervening years, an investor who has held on to Henkel preferred shares acquired in 1985 will have earned an average annual return of 10.4 percent.

Tina Müller named “CMO of the Year” 

Tina Müller, responsible at Henkel for the global retail business of the company’s hair cosmetics, skin and oral care segments, has been awarded the accolade of “Chief Marketing Officer of the Year”. This is the fifth year that this award has been made. It is specifically conferred in recognition of outstanding and innovative marketing achievements that have made a major contribution to corporate success.

Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted
Sustainable Consumption: Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted Appeals for Coordinated Action 

Today, at the World Conference on Detergents in Montreux, Switzerland, Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted appealed to all partners and participants in the value chain to commit to coordinated action. “Sustainable development is no fad of the moment but rather a global task and a challenge for the entire industry that needs urgent attention,” he stated.

Innovative sustainable consumption 

“Innovative sustainable consumption: challenging the entire value chain” is the title of a presentation to be held by Kasper Rorsted, Henkel’s Chief Executive Officer, at the World Conference on Detergents – the world’s premier detergent industry forum – due to be held in Montreux, Switzerland, from October 5 to 7.

Bruno Piacenza to succeed Friedrich Stara as Executive Vice President Laundry & Home Care  

Bruno Piacenza (44), Corporate Senior Vice President, currently responsible for the Cosmetics business in the regions Western Europe, Middle East/North Africa and Asia/Pacific and President of Henkel in France, will succeed Dr. Friedrich Stara (61) at the Management Board as Executive Vice President Laundry & Home Care on March 1, 2011. 

Which Prospect For Companies? 

Henkel organizes the workshop “Building a Vision for sustainable consumption in 2050: a business perspective” at Salone ‘Dal Dire al Fare’

Progress through sustainable adhesive solutions 

In package manufacturing, the use of sustainable adhesive technologies is a key factor for success. They make an important contribution to improving the eco-efficiency of production processes, while also offering real added value in terms of economy. With its well-known adhesive brands Technomelt and Adhesin, Henkel will be at FackPack 2010, presenting adhesive solutions for the packaging industry that combine first-class performance with responsibility toward people and the environment.

Intelligent system solutions for packaging 

As a partner to the packaging industry, Henkel offers its customers not only powerful adhesive technologies but also the equipment needed to assure smooth and efficient production processes. At FachPack 2010, visitors will have an opportunity to learn about proven system solutions that enable reliable quality control and help to achieve lasting cost reductions.

Dressed up with new UV coatings 

The multimedia age makes the consumer's attention a rare and precious resource. So when it comes to print media and product packages, the more exclusive the design of the print product, the better the chance of standing out from the crowd. For overprint finishing, in particular, Henkel has a portfolio of innovative UV coatings and lacquers, which it will be presenting at the FachPack 2010 fair. One special highlight is MiraFoil, an innovative effect lacquer that gives surfaces a brilliant and radiant metallic gloss.

High-performance adhesives for the wind energy industry 

In the last few years, development work on advanced structural adhesives has consistently contributed to the realization of increasingly efficient wind turbines. For demanding applications in the wind energy industry, Henkel will be presenting innovative adhesive technologies as well as highly effective mold release agents for perfect processing of composites at HUSUM WindEnergy 2010.

On track to success 

Aiming to meet the rising technological demands of the railroad industry through practical solutions, Henkel is presenting itself at InnoTrans 2010 in Berlin as an expert partner for adhesives, sealants and surface treatments. Visitors to the Henkel booth in Hall 8.2 will find a 360 degree panorama of products and services for manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of rail vehicles and railroad infrastructure equipment.

Henkel heading for further profitable growth with adhesives 

At today’s Investor and Analyst Day, Henkel provided an exhaustive insight into the markets, portfolio and growth drivers of its Adhesive Technologies business sector. The world’s leading supplier of adhesives regards itself as being well positioned for profitable organic growth. Thomas Geitner, Executive Vice President Adhesive Technologies, was confident that the business sector was well set to make a major contribution to the achievement of Henkel’s financial targets for 2012.

Young talents compete in international competition 

New semester, new challenge – for the fourth year in a row, Henkel is organizing another round in its successful student competition. The task: to develop a product for a Henkel brand for the year 2050. For the first time, this year sees teams from 14 European countries and also from the Asia-Pacific region taking part. And the team adjudged to be the best in this international competition can look forward to a ticket for a trip around the world.

Leading position confirmed in sustainability ranking 

For the fourth time in a row, Henkel has been recognized as sector leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) and the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index (DJSI Europe). Henkel took again first place in the Nondurable Household Products category and is the sole company of its sector in the DJSI World and DJSI Europe. The indices list corporations that follow the principles of sustainable development in their business operations.

Henkel releases world’s first tech-forward correction roller made with Ingeo™ Bioplastic 
Henkel’s High Tech, High Performance Pritt ECOmfort Correction Roller Made with Ingeo™ Bioplastic Saves Petrol and Reduces Greenhouse Gases  more...
Conductive Adhesive Innovations Advance Solar Module Assembly Capability 

From Hall 1, Level 3, Stand A14 at the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (EU PVSEC) in Valencia, Spain, Henkel will display some of the company’s most recent innovations in electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) technology. These latest advances address the low stress, faster cure speeds and lower temperature curing requirements for modern thin-film and crystalline silicon (c-Si) module assembly and, when paired with Henkel’s global support network and materials expertise, provide an unmatched solution for today’s photovoltaic manufacturing specialists.

New wafer backside coating for die attach 

Recognized for its ease of use and cost-effectiveness with die attach processes for leadframe packages, Henkel has extended its Wafer Backside Coating (WBC) portfolio to also include a solution for stacked die packages. Ablestik WBC-8901UV has been designed to address the demanding requirements of multiple die stack applications for the memory market segment, including packages such as TSOPs, MCPs and FMCs (Flash Memory Cards).

Corrosion protection in harmony with the environment 

Modern coatings for light metals involve highly specialized processes that have to fulfill many different requirements. In addition to high-performance corrosion protection, the use of environmentally sound production methods is playing an increasingly important role for metal-processing businesses. As a specialist in surface treatments, Henkel is setting industry-wide benchmarks with its broad product portfolio. At ALUMINIUM 2010, the company will be presenting sustainable coating technologies under its Alodine brand that unite top quality with responsibility toward people and the environment.

High-tech adhesives for the photovoltaic industry 

Extremely productive manufacturing processes and new concepts for saving materials and energy are vital to the future viability of the solar industry. To meet the challenges facing the market, Henkel develops innovative adhesives and sealants. At the 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference in Valencia, the company will be presenting powerful solutions spanning the entire value chain.

Henkel reports substantial increase in sales and earnings in the second quarter 
  • Sales increase by 11.6 percent to 3,890 million euros
  • Organic sales growth of 6.8 percent
  • Share of sales of growth regions: plus 3 percentage points to 41 percent
  • Adjusted operating profit: plus 54.5 percent to 476 million euros
  • Adjusted EBIT margin: plus 3.5 percentage points to 12.2 percent
  • Adjusted earnings per preferred share (EPS): plus 97.1 percent to 0.73 euros
Trade meeting for the adhesive tapes industry  

Manufacturing of adhesive tapes for consumer use and industrial applications is a highly specialized industry with high potential for the future. The success of any adhesive tape depends to a large extent on the adhesive itself, which has to satisfy a wide variety of requirements. At the Henkel Tapes Symposium 2010, adhesive tape manufacturers from all over Europe came together to learn about the latest technologies and industry trends in the market for pressure sensitive adhesives.

White Biotechnology for Everyday Household Items 

Fungi, yeasts and bacteria – for some they may sound like a list of the most feared of pathogens, but for others they constitute living mini-factories capable of producing substances such as enzymes, citric acid and, lately, biosurfactants. “White Biotechnology” is the scientific term for industrial-scale production of substances with micro-organisms in closed systems. Indeed, without this technology, laundry and home care products would be significantly different than what we see today – because it is being used to an ever increasing degree in the manufacture of their key ingredients.

Quality pays 

Just a few months after its launch, the newly developed Technomelt Supra Cool 130 from Henkel has already surpassed the high expectations put on it. Its benefits include high bond strength, excellent thermal stability, outstanding flowability, and a broader application spectrum than EVA-based hotmelts – and all of this at a processing temperature of only 130°C in the melter.

Platinum for Henkel’s Corporate Report 

Henkel’s Corporate Report, comprising its annual report and its sustainability report, counts among the best in the world, according to a ranking of the 100 best corporate reports recently presented by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). Henkel came in 11th overall, receiving a platinum award.

Fourfold power for a fresh toilet 

The toilet isn’t clean enough? A thing of the past! Bref Power Active offers an innovative combination of active components. As of summer 2010, it will be available in thirty European countries as the first toilet rim block with four active pearls in three different fragrances.

Henkel and BASF Coatings set up Research Joint Venture 

BASF Coatings GmbH and Henkel AG & Co KGaA have signed a joint venture agreement to develop innovative corrosion protection solutions for the automotive industry. The 50/50 venture, pending approval of the German anti-trust authorities, will be headquartered in Düsseldorf. The joint venture is anticipated to launch in early 2011.

Sustainability is a Global Enterprise 

Between June 30 and July 2, the Board of Trustees for Sustainability at Arizona State University (ASU), USA met with international experts from industry, the sciences and the political scene for a conference and exchange of views, knowledge and experience. The topics discussed ranged from the role of multinational companies and political programs to sustainability science in higher education.

The science of foam 

In recognition of his outstanding doctorate thesis investigating the physico-chemical properties of foams, Dr. Enda Carey of Ireland received from Henkel the “Laundry and Home Care Research Award” conferred by the company for the first time, carrying a monetary prize of 3,000 euros.

Henkel awarded for Sustainability commitment 

For the second year in a row, US retail giant Walmart has selected Henkel to receive the Walmart Sustainability Award. Henkel was recognized again as the company demonstrating the most comprehensive commitment to sustainability, thus making a substantial contribution to Walmart’s own sustainability strategy.

Loctite PowerstrateXtreme Printable from Henkel Raises the Bar on Thermal Management Flexibility  

Addressing the challenges posed by traditional greases and phase-change thermal interface materials, Henkel has developed and commercialized Loctite PowerstrateXtreme Printable (PSX-P), a new print-friendly thermal management product.

Henkel makes a good start to the year 
  • Sales increase by 7.8 percent to 3,512 million euros
  • Organic sales growth of 8.8 percent
  • Adjusted operating profit: plus 79.1 percent to 421 million euros
  • Adjusted EBIT margin: plus 4.8 percentage points to 12.0 percent
  • Adjusted earnings per preferred share (EPS): plus 93.5 percent
Purex® Complete 3-in-1™ Laundry Sheets from Henkel Win Edison Award for Best New Product 

Purex® Complete 3-in-1™ laundry sheets from Henkel received a Gold Award at the Edison Best New Product Awards presented by the Discovery Channel on April 29 in New York.  Purex® Complete 3-in-1™ laundry sheets were honored in the Consumer Packaged Goods Household Segment category.  The Edison Awards recognize new and innovative products in 11 categories in the spirit of Thomas Alva Edison, America’s greatest inventor and innovator.

Gap-filling bonding within seconds 

Mind the Gap! Anyone who has traveled on the London Underground will be familiar with this safety notice. But “minding the gap” was also something that people had to do when using instant adhesives. With Loctite 3090, Henkel has now developed the first gap-filling instant adhesive, thus considerably expanding the range of uses.

Henkel’s Multicore LF620 Lead-Free Solder Paste Sets the New Benchmark for the Lead-Free Era 

Never content to rest on the laurels of its proven lead-free success, Henkel has developed and launched Multicore LF620: a new lead-free solder paste that effectively delivers on a broad range of demanding requirements, essentially offering a lead-free paste that has it all.

German students take first place 

Eleven teams, one objective: to win the Henkel Innovation Challenge. At the international final of Henkel’s student competition in Amsterdam (Netherlands), exceptionally well prepared teams presented their creative ideas for the year 2050 – leaving the company’s top managers on the jury no easy task in selecting the winners.

Henkel product development expertise rewarded at APEX 

Building on a rich history of industry honors and product accolades, Henkel Corporation was once again recognized for its innovation initiatives at the recent APEX event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Two of the company’s most recent product advances, Loctite PowerstrateXtreme Printable (PSX-P) and Hysol ECCOBOND CA3556HF, were at the top of the leaderboard for two well-established honors programs.

Loctite Power Easy with longer bonding time
Gluing fingers has lost its fear 

Neither accidentally glued fingertips nor chemical smell and always enough time to reposition while gluing with superglues. Not imaginable? The new Loctite Power Easy makes all this happen. Thanks to a new formulation Loctite Power Easy offers at least twice as much bonding time as standard Loctite superglues. So there’s no need to be afraid of applying superglues any longer.

Henkel commits to ice hockey 

For the fourth year in a row, Henkel is acting as an official sponsor of the IIHF World Championship. The company will be prominent with its corporate brand, its detergent brand Persil and its building technology brands Ceresit and Thomsit in the ice hockey arenas of Gelsenkirchen, Cologne and Mannheim.

Advanced Solutions for Composite Manufacturing 

Henkel provides clear benefits for composite customers with innovative solutions in structural bonding and mould release. From April 13 to 15, these technologies will be in the focus at the Henkel booth at JEC 2010 fair in Paris. The aim is to demonstrate the advantages of the products and exchange experiences with experts.

Wet Peel Ply combines highest bond strength with easy removal 

At the JEC 2010 Henkel presents its wide range of product solutions which facilitate the manufacture of composite bonding in aircrafts. Especially for surface preparation Henkel has introduced the new resin-impregnated wet peel plies Hysol EA 9895 and 9896 WPP. Supplied in film form they were developed to increase bonding durability and to eliminate contamination of composite surface from dry peel fragments.

New resin technology for advanced composites 

In aircraft engineering, there is an ongoing trend toward lightweight construction. New manufacturing methods and products for fiber reinforced composites lead to faster and cost-efficient production processes. For its innovative benzoxazine prepreg resin and film adhesive for Airbus A380 Auxiliary Power Unit housing Henkel and its partner Toho Tenax were selected as a JEC Innovation Award finalist.

Invisible, but nearly always indispensable
Invisible, but nearly always indispensable 

“Hidden champions” is the phrase that Thomas Geitner, head of the Adhesives business at Henkel, likes to use when talking about his products – because though they are mostly never seen, they are nearly always indispensable. The future potential of this advanced joining technology is just as strong as ever, even after a challenging year like 2009. Henkel’s Adhesive Technologies business sector is therefore well positioned for profitable organic growth.

International recognition for Henkel 

Henkel has been included in the list of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” for the third year in a row. The ranking prepared by the US Ethisphere Institute recognizes companies from around the globe for their exemplary ethical approach to corporate governance and their commitment to sustainable development.

Bathroom fittings with highest quality standards 

A slight, but unmistakable scent of vanilla pervades the hallway, and the attention of the visitor is captured by the nostalgic beauty of some antique Italian motorcycles decorating the room. What seems like the entrance to an exclusive spa or a fancy hang-out for motorcycle enthusiasts actually leads to a showroom for water taps and showerheads. But if you associate water taps and shower heads with the appropriate aisle in the hardware store, you need to think again.

40 years of experience in the aerospace market 

Whoever travels from Europe or the American East Coast to Asia will fly over the Persian Gulf. Due to the geographic location and the young, up-coming airlines of the gulf-states, the Middle East Region records massive growth across all segments of the aerospace industry and leads in many ways in terms of innovation and expansion. For the second time now the MRO Middle East Conference & Exhibition takes place in Dubai. As a supplier of innovative adhesive systems for the aerospace industry, Henkel is also well represented at this event.

Henkel reports better-than-expected 2009 results 
  • Laundry & Home Care has substantially higher earnings
  • Cosmetics/Toiletries continues very successful performance
  • Adhesive Technologies shows strong recovery throughout the year
  • Adjusted return on sales in Q4/2009 is 12.4 percent
  • Net debt reduced by 1 billion euros
  • Proposed dividends kept at prior-year levels
Strong sustainability performance 
  • 25 percent cut in carbon dioxide emissions*
  • 26 percent lower energy consumption*
  • 37 percent lower water consumption*
  • 12 percent less waste*
Winning together 

Around the world, Henkel has an extensive commitment to motor sports where reliable performance must be delivered in the most extreme conditions. At the Porsche Mobile 1 Supercup Henkel’s Loctite brand is once again present as an Official Technolgy Partner in 2010. With it’s cutting-edge adhesives and sealants technologies Loctite guarantees exceptionally high standards of race vehicle construction and maintenance for achieving best performance.

Prize-winning performers  

It all starts with an idea. A sudden thought. A solution to a recognized problem. But that is not enough. Those wishing to qualify for the ‘Fritz Henkel Award for Innovation’ have to implement that idea in practice – and prove its commercial viability in the marketplace. These are the criteria against which, each year, Henkel confers this much-coveted commendation on three winning teams of employees for the best product innovations.

Henkel among the ‘Best Brands of 2010’ 

For more than 134 years, Henkel has been combining leading brand quality with responsibility toward people and the environment. And its performance in this field has been recognized by numerous awards along the way. Now, in the special category ‘Decision-makers’ Best Sustainability Brand’, Henkel has been honored with the ‘2010 Best Brands Award’.

Henkel Laundry & Home Care presents awards to outstanding suppliers 

At the 2010 Soap and Detergent Association (SDA) Annual Meeting and Industry Convention, January 26 to 30, 2010 in Orlando, Florida, Henkel Laundry & Home Care awards two prizes. The “Best Innovation Contributor 2009” goes to Cognis for the best contribution of an external partner delivering outstanding consumer-relevant innovation. The “Best Supply Performance 2009” is conferred to Sasol for its outstanding operational supply performance.

Three special awards 

Sustainability is fundamental to Henkel’s business DNA. However, affirmation of this through specific forms of recognition from industrial and retail customers is as important as it is gratifying. Three times in 2009, Henkel’s ‘Year of the Customer’, major international business partners awarded the company for special contributions made to their own efforts in the sustainability domain.


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