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Liofol Academy Road Show 2011 takes place in Eastern Europe


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Expert knowledge for the packaging industry

Flexible packages are gaining increasingly large market shares throughout the food industry. At the same time, film/foil laminates have to meet ever more stringent technological and food law requirements. With its international series of “Liofol Academy Road Show” events, Henkel offers packaging manufacturers from Eastern Europe region the opportunity to learn about current challenges and about forward-looking solutions for the packaging industry. 

Flexible packages for foods are right on trend. In the past decade they were already one of the fastest-growing packaging categories. The reasons are easy to see. They offer top functionality combined with low material costs and low weight. Experts expect the market for flexible packages to keep growing in the future as well, especially in regions such as Eastern Europe. In this dynamic environment, quality expectations continue to rise significantly in the future. New sustainable packaging-solutions ensuring maximum standard in terms of food safety are required.

To help prepare optimally for the challenges ahead, Henkel is therefore staging its “Liofol Academy Road Show 2011” which will take place in Moscow (April 7th-8th) and Krakow (April 12th-13th). Here, specialists can gain focused information on the technological, economic and ecological challenges facing the packaging industry. Henkel is a world-leading manufacturer of packaging adhesives. In presentations with high practical relevance, experts from the company spotlight current packaging trends, explain the legal framework conditions, and report on the latest product solutions. The program is rounded of by experienced guest speakers from the areas of food production, dosing equipment, lamination technology as well as printing inks. “Changing markets are already creating numerous challenges for packaging manufacturers. Adhesives based on latest technologies have become a decisive success factor in this respect. People are looking for innovative and sustainable solutions in order to be able to enter new markets early and keep a step ahead of the competition,” says Dieter Klewer, Sales Manager Liofol Eastern Europe at Henkel.

High on the agenda: Safety by Innovation
One important focus of this year's Road Show series is the food safety of flexible packages. Among others, the EU and the USA already have legislation in place stipulating that only food which is safe for human health may be put on the market. This applies to the packagings as well, where contamination of the food through hazardous substances in the packaging materials – films and foils, printing inks, or adhesives – must be reliably excluded. International food manufacturers pass on these safety requirements to their packaging suppliers and regularly test the packages for migratable constituents. But food safety is rapidly becoming a big issue with legislators outside these classic industrial nations as well, particularly in regions where rising standards of living are generating increased use of flexible packages. So it is especially important to choose the right raw materials when manufacturing these products. In this context, new high-performance adhesives ensure a maximum level of product safety.

Complete online registration and more detailed information on the program of the “Liofol Academy Road Show 2011” are available on the web at www.liofolacademy.com. The event is directed at packaging manufacturers from Eastern Europe region and is held in the local language and English. The deadline for registration is March 25th; participation is free of charge.

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