04/01/2011, Düsseldorf / Germany


New adhesives and sealants for the photovoltaic industry


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High-strength frame bonding within seconds

The photovoltaic industry is striving to increase productivity while lowering manufacturing costs. With a new generation of elastic adhesives and sealants based on silane-modified polymers, Henkel is now making it possible to attain significantly higher process speeds during automated frame bonding of crystalline solar modules.

Unlike conventional adhesive and sealant systems, the new products Terostat MS 500 and Terostat 2K Ultrafast have a high initial bond strength and thus substantially reduce the dwell times in the production line. Terostat MS 500 even eliminates the waiting time that is normally required until handling strength is reached. This results in substantial cost savings. In addition to primerless adhesion to glass, metal and plastics, the elastic adhesives from Henkel also have excellent UV, temperature and weathering resistance. Compared to fastening with adhesive tapes, these products offer convincing advantages as they are much easier to handle in the manufacturing process. Work steps such as regular reel changing or disposal of release paper are a thing of the past.

The elastic adhesives and sealants also offer advantages in terms of design and construction as they are capable of compensating for tolerances in the laminate or the frame, which reduces the risk of modules becoming detached from frames. Providing high-quality full sealing, they also assure long life of the solar modules. By sealing off all joints and edges, they effectively prevent the penetration of moisture and thus enhance the efficiency of the module during its service life.

Henkel’s MS technology contains no solvents, isocyanates or silicone. The patented Terostat MS 500 is based on silane-modified polymers and exhibits a high initial bond strength directly after joining. This sag-resistant one-component adhesive is applied warm and crosslinks by reacting with atmospheric moisture to form an elastic product. By contrast, the two-component product Terostat 2K Ultrafast already cures at room temperature. Crosslinking begins as soon as the two components have been thoroughly mixed, irrespective of moisture levels.

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