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Long-lasting protection against welding spatter


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Aerodag Ceramishield saves time and money

Durable anti-spatter protection for welding equipment is what you can expect from Aerodag Ceramishield, the ceramic dry film coating from Henkel. As confirmed by the independent consultancy REFACONSULT, this coating significantly reduces spatter build-up on welding torches, thereby also reducing production costs and saving time.

Spatter due to liquid metal particles produced during welding impairs the quality of welding equipment and the surfaces of the metal parts being welded. With Aerodag Ceramishield, spatter build-up on welding equipment can be reduced significantly. The product is simply sprayed directly onto degreased surfaces from an aerosol can. After application the product creates a ceramic coating on the surface that repels the spatter immediately.

Increases in productivity and durability of welding equipment
The independent consultancy REFACONSULT confirms the advantages Aerodag Ceramishield provides: Since the production process no longer has to be interrupted to clean welding equipment, time-consuming removal of spatter using expensive and environmentally hazardous chemicals is no longer necessary. This cuts costs by 40 percent and saves seven percent of time. Another advantage of Aerodag Ceramishield is that it provides not only physical but thermal protection, thus increasing the service life of welding equipment. The quality of the weld seam also improves because the shroud remains free of spatter and the gas flow is not interrupted.  

Suitable for MIG/MAG welding processes
Aerodag Ceramishield can be used in all MIG/MAG welding processes. Just one application of the silicone-free coating is enough to protect contact tips and shrouds in all MIG/MAG welding processes for up to eight hours. Jigs, fixtures and fittings as well as power cables, sensors, brackets, metal components and can also be effectively protected against spatter.

More information is available at www.ceramishield.com.

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