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Henkel publishes Sustainability Report 2011


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New sustainability strategy for 2030

For more than two decades, Henkel has been publishing a dedicated Sustainability Report alongside its Annual Report. In the 21st issue, which is being published today, the company is presenting its new Sustainability Strategy 2030. At the core of this is the goal of achieving more with less and tripling its efficiency. The new sustainability strategy applies to all business sectors and the entire value chain. 

By 2030, Henkel aims to be using only one-third of today’s inputs for every euro it generates. In order to reduce its ecological footprint and make sustainable consumption possible, the company has defined three major approaches: products, partners, and people. Through their commitment and knowledge, all of Henkel’s some 47,000 employees around the world make important contributions to implementing the new sustainability strategy. Beyond its core business of developing and producing innovative products, the company intends to involve its customers and consumers as well as suppliers and industrial users even more closely in its efforts to foster sustainability along the entire value chain. At the same time, Henkel helps its customers to reduce their own environmental footprint.

“We must find ways of achieving more with less,” emphasizes Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted. “Not only do we have a duty to future generations to pursue sustainable development, sustainability also makes economic sense for us and is an important competitive factor. It reduces costs, drives innovation, and strengthens our position in the markets of the future.”

Sustainability leader
Henkel’s sustainability performance over the past ten years shows how the company works continuously to improve its efficiency and safety: Energy and water consumption have been reduced by 42 percent and the waste footprint by 50 percent per metric ton of output. Over the same period, the number of occupational accidents dropped by 85 percent.

Henkel’s leading position in sustainability is regularly confirmed by independent external ratings, awards and rankings. One example is Henkel’s listing in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index ever since this was established in 1999. Last year, the company was named sustainability leader in the Nondurable Household Products sector for the fifth time in succession.

To find information on sustainability at Henkel, visit www.henkel.com/sustainability 

Further information and examples are provided in the current Sustainability Report. The print version is supplemented by the online report at www.henkel.com/sustainabilityreport 

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