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Here you find all Henkel press releases dealing with Loctite Anaerobic Adhesives.

Loctite Threadlocker Stick
New Generation of Loctite Threadlocker Sticks 

Formulated as wax-like, semi-solid adhesives packaged in a self-feeding stick applicator, Loctite 248 and Loctite 268 Threadlocker Sticks provide robust cure even on oil-contaminated or inactive metals like stainless steel. Only Henkel offers these convenient stick threadlockers for use in different maintenance, repair and overhaul applications.

Loctite 648 and 638
Loctite Retaining Adhesives with Higher Temperature Resistance and Oil Tolerance 

Henkel has developed two Loctite anaerobic retaining compounds that perform at operating temperatures up to 180°C and show very reliable cure strength through oil contaminations and on passive metal surfaces.

Henkel’s metal pre-treatment and autodeposition coatings
Adhesives and Surface Treatment solutions solve challenges of heavy machinery makers 

It is a machine of superlatives: four floors high, 82 meters long or the length a high-rise building of 20 floors lying on its side. This monster is heavier than a dozen 747 jumbo jets and creeps forward through the earth behind a more than 9 meter tall rotary cutting head. What may sound like science fiction is, in fact, the description of a giant tunnel boring machine (TBM) that was constructed using adhesives from Henkel.

Robot manufacturers now use innovative assembly solutions
Adhesives solve challenges of robot manufacturers 

They can lift loads weighing tons, operate under harshest conditions and work 24 hours a day without a break. Since the early 1960s, robots have conquered the industrial world. These astonishing machines are increasingly constructed using adhesive technologies from Henkel. Now, even robot arm elements can be bonded with structural adhesives.

Loctite 403, 408 and 460
Innovative Loctite instant adhesives offer new fields of application 

Loctite 403, 408 and 460 are three improved instant adhesives from Henkel that can be used for bonding virtually any materials. Already market leaders in terms of health and safety, these products now offer even better performance.

Loctite Threadlocking
A professional approach to threadlocking  

An essential precondition for ensuring the long service life of machines is that the components installed will withstand stresses such as vibrations, thermal expansion of materials and major temperature variations. For secure locking of threaded connections, the Loctite brand from Henkel offers high-performance liquid threadlockers that are easy to use and prevent threads from loosening.

Loctite expands leadership in health and safety 

Henkel’s Loctite brand will be expanding its health and safety range in mid October with not just one but three innovative anaerobic products at once. The retaining adhesive Loctite 6300 for cylindrical assemblies, gasketing product Loctite 5800, and the thread sealant Loctite 5400 all underscore Henkel’s leading role in combining technology with sustainability. The company is the only one to offer a complete portfolio of non-hazardous anaerobic adhesives.

Bathroom fittings with highest quality standards 

A slight, but unmistakable scent of vanilla pervades the hallway, and the attention of the visitor is captured by the nostalgic beauty of some antique Italian motorcycles decorating the room. What seems like the entrance to an exclusive spa or a fancy hang-out for motorcycle enthusiasts actually leads to a showroom for water taps and showerheads. But if you associate water taps and shower heads with the appropriate aisle in the hardware store, you need to think again.

The gigantic coal-mining trucks are used in the Siberian mines.
Hard Work 

The enormous power the Terex machines wield requires the reliability that Loctite adhesives and sealants can ensure. Locating studs of the differential or sealing of the rigid flanges. This is a perfect example of how Loctite products provide optimisation in production.

Leading in Health & Safety 

With the new threadlockers Loctite 2400 and Loctite 2700 Henkel once again asserts its position as a technology leader. The latest innovations to come out of the company’s Dublin labs are a medium and a high-strength threadlocker with a “white” Material Safety Data Sheet.

Meeting the needs of a changing industrial society 

This spring Henkel is launching two new products developed to meet the needs of a changing industrial society: The anaerobic adhesive Loctite 5188 and the anaerobic threadlocker Loctite 276 are a result of Henkel’s close co-operation with key players in the automotive and other industries. To harness the full power of the Loctite brand, the company is rumoured to be launching a massive advertising campaign soon in addition to the product launch.



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