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Focus on food safety
Henkel Experts Speak at the Interpack Stand 

This year Henkel is showcasing numerous innovations and proven adhesives systems with live presentations at its stand at the Interpack trade show. The subjects covered include food-safe packages and a pioneering adhesives application system that Henkel has developed in cooperation with machine manufacturer Nordson.

Henkel joined forces with the SAVE FOOD initiative
Henkel joins the “Save Food” initiative 

Safer food packaging is a common objective of both Henkel and the SAVE FOOD initiative. Hence Henkel – the world’s largest manufacturer of adhesives for the packaging industry – has now joined forces with the initiative, the purpose of which is to promote dialogue between business, researchers, politicians and the public at large on the subject of avoidable food wastage.

Sustainable innovation: casein-free adhesive Aquence XP 190
Sustainable innovations for labeling and packaging 

Henkel is set to showcase a number of innovations for the beverage and liquid food industries at this year’s Drinktec in Munich, due to be held between September 16 and 20. The casein-free adhesive Aquence XP 190 for the labeling of glass containers ideally complements the high-performance Henkel portfolio, while the packaging hotmelt Technomelt Supra 100 Cool exhibits the lowest application temperature on the global market.

Henkel’s product developers are keen to promote the process of information interchange with all partners
Henkel launches initiative aligned to enhancing safety in food packaging 

Adhesives are essential for many forms of food packaging, and so is the wealth of expertise in this field available from Henkel, the world’s largest adhesives manufacturer. Henkel’s know-how can contribute considerably to providing confidence and peace of mind in the eyes of the food industry and consumers alike. Now, with its comprehensive information platform “Food Safe Packaging,” Henkel intends to make this expertise even more widely available to decision-makers in the food packaging sector.

New solutions for the packaging market
Henkel and DaniMer form alliance to deliver bio-based hotmelt adhesives for packaging 

Henkel, one of the leading adhesive companies, and DaniMer Scientific, LLC, a recognized leader in bio-based material technology, announced today that they have formed an alliance to develop hotmelt adhesives that use bio-based raw materials. The initial target for these bio-based hotmelt adhesives will be the consumer packaging market including applications of end of line and labeling.

New solvent-based laminating Liofol adhesives
Higher resistance to spicy sauces and acidic contents 

The solvent-based laminating adhesives Liofol LA 3963-21 and Liofol LA 3643-21, each used with hardener LA 6063-21, can increase the resistance of food packages to acidic and other aggressive contents. The underlying technical innovation by Henkel has resulted in the best adhesives of their kind today and is setting new standards.

Jan-Dirk Auris (r) and Michael Hilton at the Pack Expo fair
Nordson and Henkel establish global alliance on innovative consumer packaging solutions  

Henkel and Nordson Corporation, a leading producer of precision dispensing equipment for adhesives and other materials, have established a global alliance on new technology development for the packaging market worldwide to provide significant benefits and deliver greater value to their customers.

Technomelt Supra 1000 opens up new dimensions in bonding performance and economy 

With its extreme bonding performance and compatibility with a wide range of materials, the new packaging hotmelt Technomelt Supra 1000 from Henkel brings a new level of efficiency to packaging production. The hotmelt owes its strong bonding power to an innovative base polymer that not only significantly improves processability and efficiency, but also reduces adhesive usage.

The new generation of labeling adhesives 

At the Brau Beviale, a capital goods fair for the beverage industry, Henkel will be showcasing its Optal XP product series, a new generation of synthetic adhesives for glass bottle labeling, in the Nürnberg Exhibition Center (Hall 4A/311) from November 9 to 11. 

Isocyanate-free adhesive sets benchmark in the flexible packaging industry 

Flexibility – not only with regard to packaging, but also along the value chain – is one of the key benefits offered by the latest Henkel innovation Liofol Fast One. The new one-component laminating adhesive features an extremely fast cure, combined with high initial bond strength. At the 7th ICE Europe in Munich, Henkel is presenting the first-ever laminating adhesive that contains no free isocyanates: Liofol Fast One LA 1640-21. Henkel experts with comprehensive know-how will be available to discuss the topic with interested parties, and will present this innovation at Stand 230 in Hall B6.

Efficient consumption leads to reduced costs 

The key criteria for the use of hotmelt adhesives in the packaging industry include high yield, productivity and long-term availability. Under the Technomelt brand, Henkel is now launching two hotmelt adhesives onto the market that have been developed specifically to meet these requirements. Alongside their bond strength, Technomelt Supra 145 and Technomelt Supreme are compelling products affording low consumption values as well as improved flowability in automatic application systems. Both products make use of a new raw material base, which offers the customer a broader spectrum of products, greater choice and enhanced flexibility.

Expert knowledge for the packaging industry 

Flexible packages are gaining increasingly large market shares throughout the food industry. At the same time, film/foil laminates have to meet ever more stringent technological and food law requirements. With its international series of “Liofol Academy Road Show” events, Henkel offers packaging manufacturers from Eastern Europe region the opportunity to learn about current challenges and about forward-looking solutions for the packaging industry. 

Trade meeting for the adhesive tapes industry  

Manufacturing of adhesive tapes for consumer use and industrial applications is a highly specialized industry with high potential for the future. The success of any adhesive tape depends to a large extent on the adhesive itself, which has to satisfy a wide variety of requirements. At the Henkel Tapes Symposium 2010, adhesive tape manufacturers from all over Europe came together to learn about the latest technologies and industry trends in the market for pressure sensitive adhesives.

Quality pays 

Just a few months after its launch, the newly developed Technomelt Supra Cool 130 from Henkel has already surpassed the high expectations put on it. Its benefits include high bond strength, excellent thermal stability, outstanding flowability, and a broader application spectrum than EVA-based hotmelts – and all of this at a processing temperature of only 130°C in the melter.


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