Profile: Loctite Anaerobic Adhesives

More than fifty years ago, Loctite came out with the first anaerobic adhesive, marking the outset of an ongoing success story of anaerobic technologies. Since then, Loctite has devoted itself to designing anaerobic products that function in the most demanding applications in the automotive and general industry as well as in the microelectronics and construction industries. High standards regarding quality, efficiency and sustainability have turned Henkel’s brand Loctite into the market leading supplier of anaerobic adhesives.

At the dawn of an innovation

As early as 1953, Dr. Vernon Krieble, chemistry professor in Connecticut, developed a cure inhibition system for a unique bonding resin: the curing agents contained in the sealant remained inactive as long as they were being exposed to air. Only upon the absence of oxygen the sealant would cure. With the innovation of this very first anaerobic technology, Krieble resolved the age-old problem of loose nuts and bolts in machines and revolutionized industrial threadlocking.
Anaerobic adhesives provide various compelling characteristics: high temperature stability, fast curing, high resistance to mechanical vibration and dynamic permanent load. Meeting modern needs, Loctite has designed single-component anaerobics in order to secure easy and efficient dosing.


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